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Excellent and perfect books that you will enjoy should you be a fan of sci-fi political novels.

In many ways, modern culture is an overhead, sophisticated one. It contains various precious anthropological strengths and insights. Contemporary culture has this surprising adaptability and openness to absorb, clarify, and unite.

For W. Clark Boutwell, the average age has fallen to the teens. In much of the world, half the inhabitants are younger than his favorite dress shoes and the socks to go with them. For him, this is not a grand conspiracy nor an act of war, pestilence, or famine, but rather due to better food, better infant care, and western intolerance to war.  

Boutwell added that Americans are told that their longevity is increasing yearly, which is more notable in many other parts of the world. During the last seventy years, life expectancy has grown in Ghana from forty-six to seventy-one years. This is also due to reduced violence, better health, more trade, and Western affluence. On this note, Boutwell wrote the Old Men and Infidels (OMAI) Book Series. OMAI is about two countries that went opposite in age profile. One retires everyone at forty, and the other retires no one, despite their life expectancy being double our own. Thus, the Young have no youth, and the Old has not aged. Boutwell’s book on Post-apocalyptic fiction wants to explore this phenomenon and how it affects humanity’s attitudes to aging, faith, and truth.    

Reviews About The Books

Outland Exile

“In a new world introduced here in Outland Exile where a contemporary society, Unity is manipulated with the latest advanced technology and doctrine to obey all the rules that their totalitarian government induced in their people. The setting was a new futuristic version of the United States of America and quite fascinating by the hi-tech propaganda, implants, and drugs. Even with that advancement, there was also a glimpse of political interest, different ideologies, wasteland, and unsuited extreme weather that may not be perfect in their state. I was impressed by how the visualization of a new dystopian city sprouted and developed into this book. “- DESCENDANT OF POSEIDON READS.

Exile’s Escape

“It is one of those books that makes you contemplate some possibilities you have never imagined before, which forces you to reexamine your reality and how society is structured. The book is best suited for fans of futuristic, sci-fi, and dystopian narratives. It might not keep you up at night, but it will engage your mind.” – Foluso Faye.

 Malila of the Scorch

“I liked the science in Malila of the Scorch. I liked it a lot. But when I think about what I enjoyed most about this great novel, it is, hands down, the old-fashioned American characters. They have a lot of good people working with them. They inspire and depend on each other rather than let one hero do all the heavy lifting. The plot in Malila of the Scorch is good. I could easily see America being fractured and events playing out this way. This is a great effort and an excellent book.” – Ray Simmons for Readers’ Favorite.

Author Bio

Walter Clark Boutwell came from Chicago and was raised outside Philadelphia, Clark. A physician has practiced and taught intensive care for newborn infants on four (4) continents and eight (8) countries, retiring after fifty (50) years in medicine. He resides in a cabin in the woods in the Tennessee hills with his “pound puppy,” Babe. He has been an avid solo backpacker, hiker, and climber since he was eleven. Some of his stories are true. He has traveled extensively to Kenya, Rwanda, Ecuador, Zambia, Ghana, and India as a physician volunteer. “Outland Exile,” a Pinnacle award recipient (iUniverse, Oct 2015) and Exiles’ Escape (Indigo River Feb 2018 and also a Pinnacle award), and Malila of the Scorch (Indigo River 2019 and a Firebird Awardee (for Best Sci-Fi in July 2019 along with books 1 and 2, a Book Excellence award, and a 5-star review from Readers’ Favorite) form the first of two trilogies (Old Men and Infidels) set in the devastated 22nd century America.