The Importance of Online Brand Publicity

Why is it essential for self-published authors to put out an online brand publicity campaign? If you want readers to find your book today, you are going to spread the word online and run other types of online publicity strategies.

In this increasingly digital marketplace, more and more readers turn to the internet to find the next book to read and shop at Amazon or Barnes & Noble for their new reads. Authors today will need to do more just about everything that pertains to getting online publicity and generating traffic. As Briana Ford said in her article for Social Media Today, “If you want to become a household name, or anything close to it, a lot of hard work and dedication has to be put into your efforts.”

That being said, self-published authors will have to come out of their shell or comfort zone to take a more active part in their own book marketing and promotion campaign. The digital age calls for them to wear more than one hats.

The modern author is more than just a writer; he or she is a thought leader, an entrepreneur, a content creator, and a social media influencer. With a properly structured online brand publicity campaign, authors can assume such roles.

What are the different ways of publicity or different platforms that are included in an online publicity campaign? How important each one of them is?

  • Dynamic author website. Author branding and book marketing should start with a well-designed, functional website. Your author website should be optimized for search engines and mobile viewing. It should not only be filled with content but should also come with a payment portal when readers can go to and make payments when they buy your book. After all, your dynamic website is both your business card and income-generating machine.
  • Social media accounts. This includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. You need different social networks to share different types of content. Being on social media will add a social factor to your book marketing effort.
  • Blog. Your blog is where you will post articles about topics that relate to your book, genre or your field of expertise… or just anything that will be of great interest to your readers. What better way there is to share knowledge and express your thought leadership than to blog?
  • Press release. Press releases are news articles that are submitted to press release distribution services such as WebWire to ensure your message reaches your targeted audience and create media buzz.
  • Book fair. Book fairs present self-published authors an opportunity to meet readers face-to-face, rub elbows with fellow authors, gain insights from literary agents and publishers, learn new trends in marketing and publishing, and, above all, sell and promote your work.
  • Book trailer. Book trailers are the best way to showcase the beauty and power of your written word.

An online brand publicity campaign should include every publicity strategy or platform mentioned above to ensure greater success in building your author brand profile and creating awareness for your work. For ReadersMagnet Online Brand Publicity contact us at 1-800-805-0762 | 619-354-2643 or email us at [email protected].