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Organized crime books come in abundance, and as the years have proven, readers love consuming a great crime story, especially in the literary field.

Quinn’s Dilemma by Bruce N. Ball is one of those fantastic crime stories in paperback format for bookworms to indulge in. It’s not every day that we encounter such a great organized crime tale, which is why we have decided to come up with this list. Sure, a lot of crime fiction is out in the market, but there are certainly outliers that stand out from their peers.

Now that we’ve set up the premise of this article, it’s time to proceed with some of the best-organized crime books you can get your hands on.

The Westies by T.J. English

The tale of two Irish gangsters in Manhattan is told in this “harrowing account of big city crime” by a New York Times bestselling author (Library Journal). Mickey Featherstone and Jimmy Coonan held a firm grip over Hell’s Kitchen in the middle of the 1970s. However, everything collapsed when Mickey was found guilty of a homicide he did not commit. He backstabbed the entire group and offered to testify in court regarding their illegal actions. This is because he thought his friend was being betrayed.

Quinn’s Dilemma by Bruce N. Ball

Wall Street genius Parker Quinn becomes unintentionally involved in the schemes of the FBI, the mob, and a labor organization run by an egocentric autocrat as he tries to pursue a more low-key career.

When Quinn accepts a position managing the union’s pension fund, his existence is turned upside down. In a perverse, violent game, his proximity to the cash makes him an easy target for several participants. Renato Costa, the union’s boss, has absolute control over his organization.

Kevin Norris, the federal prosecutor, will stop at nothing to further his personal grudge. Quinn and his new lover will soon be battling it out for their life in the midst of rival groups. This is truly among the best organized crime books that readers can get their hands on. Quinn’s Dilemma deserves a spot on this list of fantastic organized books in crime.

The Brothers Bulger by Howie Carr

Two brothers with drastically different life paths are the subject of this New York Times bestseller. While William “Billy” Bulger served as the head of the Massachusetts Senate for eighteen years, organized crime lord James “Whitey” Bulger rose to become the FBI’s second most wanted man following Osama Bin Laden. Although some people held Billy in low regard, there wasn’t any proof that he worked with his brother. The renowned columnist’s account chronicles their incredible tales.

Heist by Howard Sounes

Showtime’s documentary series Catching Lightning: Heist tells the amazing tale of “Lightning” Lee Murray, an ex-UFC cage fighter who had aspirations of becoming a master criminal. Murray led a group of thieves who wore prosthetic disguises and pretended to be police officers in order to abduct the manager of a district counting house owned by the Bank of England, which contained tens of millions of euros.

They pulled off the largest cash theft in history, taking approximately £53 million in paper currency in a crime. It has even been likened to the Ocean’s Eleven movies. Then, their issues started.

Celebrate Your Love for Organized Crime Books on This List

You are not alone in your love for crime books. The mystery, action, and danger found in them have this allure that readers can’t seem to avoid. Crime books also offer a unique perspective into the criminal minds that these books talk about.

We suggest getting Quinn’s Dilemma by Bruce N. Ball because it takes an expert look into the shady investment world we aren’t privy to. Visit his website at to get a copy of the book today.

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