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Peacefully accepting death is not easy; for some, it might not even arrive during their entire lifetime.

Published poet Brion K. Hanks knows how painful losing a loved one can be. He also knows how scary the thought of coming to terms with our mortality is. These factors are why Brion has written several poems and poetry to help with death and dying.

One of the best ways to deal with grief and fear of death is by reading literary works discussing it. Poems are some of the best works of literature a person can read regarding death. Brion’s piece titled “Learning To Live Beyond Loss” is an example worth talking about.

Understanding Grief and Its Nuances

We go through grief whenever we endure loss. Everyone experiences grief in very different and personal ways. We all react to loss in various manners.

And as we encounter various losses, we could even have varied emotions about them. Our vast reactions to grief can manifest themselves in numerous thoughts, physical symptoms, behaviors, and feelings.

We might experience bodily grief occasionally. We could have any number of physical symptoms. Some examples are headaches, nausea, insomnia, tension, tiredness, menstruation inconsistencies, loss of appetite, pains, and noise sensitivity.

But sometimes, symptoms might not be related and have no apparent connection.

Poetry for Loss by Brion K. Hanks

Having lost some important people, Brion K. Hanks has found ways to deal with grief via poetry. Let’s look at his poem titled “Learning To Live Beyond Loss” and review it a bit.

In this poem, Brion encourages his readers to be open and compassionate to themselves as they grieve. He tells readers to continue expressing their love and living in the light. Doing so will provide everyone with blessings and grace from the Almighty.

He ends by telling everybody to be thankful for the life we have and for them to live it to the fullest. The poem is heartwarming about accepting that death and loss can be painful and scary. But we must continue to live our lives despite death looming over all of us.

The work also proves that poems and poetry to help with death and dying help in peacefully accepting death.

What Helps in Peacefully Accepting Death and Grief?

One of the most difficult things someone may face is grieving. According to Patricia Murphy, a renowned grief counselor, there’s no easy way to handle grief.

A relationship requires years of work to develop. It takes equivalent effort to let go. Therefore, getting over grief requires effort on many emotional, intellectual, and behavioral levels. It is a protracted, arduous process.

• Facing the Feelings Related to Grief

Facing the feelings related to grief is often among the most challenging task. By nature, grief is a heart-wrenching experience that engulfs those who go through it with contradictory, confusing, and vivid emotions. If we wish to resolve grief, we will have to face it so that we can bounce back from traumatic experiences like losing a loved one.

• Accepting that Our Loss is Real

When a death initially occurs, we frequently find it difficult or impossible to accept it. We think it’s a nightmare. We convince ourselves that the deceased will enter through the door and everything will return to normal soon.

But the reality is never like that. The capacity to acknowledge a loss is frequently the first indicator of recovery. This does not imply that we are prepared to deal with the loss on an emotional level or to adapt to life minus the person.

It indicates that we are aware on an intellectual level that the loss happened and that a loved one has passed away.

• Keeping a Sense of Remembrance

Finding fitting memorials and ways to honor the deceased is essential to healing from loss. Someone who has impacted our lives will always be a part of it. Sure, we worry that we might forget them if we manage to move on, but we don’t have to forget them so that we can move on.

We can still visit their graves, celebrate their death anniversaries, and let their influence on us flourish.

Read a Poetry of Healing by Brion K. Hanks

Losing someone will always be painful, and there will be no easy way to deal with it. However, peacefully accepting death is possible thanks to poems and poetry to help with death and dying. Brion K. Hanks has more poems that help readers deal with loss and death.

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