One of the most pervasive societal problems in the last century was the pressure to fit people into certain molds and the ever-crushing weight of perfectionism. On the bright side, this next installment of People of Distinction features an author whose book really encourages people to embrace themselves rather than some perfect ideal.

Her name is Kylie Lyman, a devout Christian and the mind behind the self-help book Uncovering Your Blueprint: Becoming Who God Created You to Be. Kylie studied and worked in the field of Communication Science and Disorders only to feel called to pursue something nobler and simpler. Today, she lives a humble, practical author’s lifestyle while using her pen to encourage others who feel overwhelmed by shallow images imposed by the wider culture.

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From the University of Vermont to Living the Gospel

Before she went on her spiritual author’s journey, Kylie was studying to be a speech therapist at the University of Vermont. In fact, she had even practiced for a couple of years but then started to feel like God was calling her to do something differently.

Wanting to show her trust in His providence, she began to turn her focus on the Bible and her writing. Now, it’s become her main goal in life to try and present the Bible in ways that are applicable to people’s daily lives. One of the biggest insights she’s gained is that there has been a massive gap between the way society has perceived people and how God perceives all His children.

Using the Art of Communication for Uplifting Writing

In time, Kylie would also discover the power of communicating ideas through writing. Since she was a little girl, she had always loved to read. Writing initially just meant something simpler like journaling. But as she learned more about the science of communicating, the more she realized how powerful the entire practice was.

For instance, she saw that writing was a way to share experiences and the vulnerability that comes with it. It empowered her to share her thoughts, feelings, and other things that she otherwise felt would go against the grain of perfectionist expectations.

Empowering Others Against Perfectionism

The core idea of her book is that perfectionism should never be confused with the way God sees every human being. Like many practicing Christians, Kylie believes in the incredible uniqueness that only comes from being a creation of God. Specifically, her scriptural basis for this is Psalm 139, where it is said that everyone is “fearfully and wonderfully made.”

In contrast, the perfectionist ideas being pushed by society (be it through media, fashion, influencers, etc) are distant from that. It discourages vulnerability while harshly imposing a conformity that is devoid of God’s loving perspective.

Throughout her book, Kylie makes the case for how modern perfectionism is responsible for the way people have built walls around their hearts. It is how people are stifled within themselves and robbed of individuality. It is the cause behind so much pressure on many individuals to meet expectations that are, ultimately, not for them to meet.

By writing her book, Kylie hopes that readers will finally discover a way to see themselves free from this perfectionist attitude. It is a book that shows how the way God sees people for who they truly are as the path to spiritual and emotional freedom.

A Book That Applies to Everybody

On a last note, Kylie even believes that there is a lot that non-Christian readers can still apply from her work. The only reason why it mainly draws on the Bible and Christian teaching is that it has long been a foundation of her identity.

Regardless, there is a lot in her book that can easily be understood from the perspective of any individual who tires of elevated expectations that do not conform to their true sense of self.

Check out Uncovering Your Blueprint: Becoming Who God Created You to Be, now available on Amazon.

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