In her book From Stressed to Blessed: 5 Simple Steps to Learn Meditation and Change Your Life, author Cynthia Chase shares a step-by-step guide to learning meditation when one is experiencing the weight of different negative situations, such as family problems, ill health, financial problems, addiction, divorce, death of someone close, a stressful job, loss of a job, problems at school or in a relationship. The book aims to let the individual grasp the experience of joy, happiness, peace, better health, and more meaning in life.

The author joined Benji Cole on the line on the latter’s radio program People of Distinction with Benji Cole to talk about her From Stressed to Blessed and the impact the book could leave on readers.

“It is through meditation that we can change our lives.”

People of Distinction host Benji Cole opened the interview with the importance and impact of the book, saying, “This book is layered. There are so many nuances to it. But you can clearly see that this is a step-by-step guide to utilizing meditation to better your lives. Meditation has been around for thousands of years. It has been practiced for that long. There must be something to it, right? It must be useful if so many people, so many religions occupy this ancient method.”

Author Cynthia Chase agreed to Benji’s idea, adding, “It is through meditation that we can change our lives.”

The background of a brilliant mind

Cynthia Chase was born and raised in the mountains of North Carolina, the Blue Ridge Mountains, also known as the Appalachian Mountains. She went to the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill to get her diploma in political science since she initially planned to pursue law. From North Carolina, she then moved to California to take up her master’s degree in counselling psychology and in-depth psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute.

The author also holds a certificate in teaching patients and certification in clinical and medical hypnotherapy.

The stress of divorce brought up the idea of writing the book

Cynthia was experiencing the stress of divorce when she had the idea of writing the book. “I was under a lot of stress at that point in my life,” she said. “I was going through a divorce. I had four young kids, and I was going to grad school. It was geared towards a midlife career change and all. I was speaking with a friend, who suggested I try out meditation.

The meditation led her to write From Stressed to Blessed with the goal of helping people get through difficult times.

A tip for meditating.

Since the book gives five simple steps to learn meditation, Benji Cole asked Cynthia if she could give at least one or two important tips in achieving the right meditation process.

The perfect tip would be to find a place where it is quiet,” Cynthia shared. “In your home or out in nature, so that you can have yourself a wonderful result to your first time. Feel comfortable. Be where you feel comfortable. Breath is so important to settle your energy.”

The highlight of the journey in writing the book

Cynthia shared the highlights of her journey as she was writing the book and practicing meditation at the same time.

It gave me a sense of expansion, of awareness,” she said. “I consider prayer to be the time I have intentional thoughts and speaking with the divine, and meditation is the time when I really think or need to be with myself.

“That’s how it has affected me in life: greater spaciousness, more sense of awareness, higher intuition, and more calm-y vibe.”

Cynthia’s upcoming project

Benji Cole revealed that author Cynthia Chase has another book coming up. Her current book, From Stressed to Blessed: 5 Simple Steps to Learn Meditation and Change Your Life, became an anchor to write the second book, Dealing with Unfortunate Circumstances of Miscarriage, which will be out soon. Benji gave her time to talk about her upcoming project.

I experienced a miscarriage myself after three successful pregnancies. I didn’t understand why it happened. I didn’t know how to deal with it. I wrote it down for people, women, and men.”

Benji ended the interview with an uplifting message to people suffering from their own demons. He said, “How many of us have had circumstances that suffered in silence? Although it’s completely understandable, you don’t have to. It’s probably difficult to try to face it head-on, but you don’t wanna bury it.

“There is a lot of benefit to working through it with every issue that you have. You don’t want to just sweep it under a rag.”

Cynthia Chase’s From Stressed to Blessed: 5 Simple Steps to Learn Meditation and Change Your Life is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Learn more about the author and her projects at

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