The dental professional and poet’s journey entails composing lots of poetry over the years and then filing them for future reflection.

A poetry lover, host Kate Delaney considers it a special moment when she could bring a published poet on the “Author’s Corner” segment of her nationally syndicated radio program America Tonight. One such guest was Carol Kappes, the author of the book Hear Your Voice: Written Verse of the 21st Century Inspirational and Motivational (The Peppertree Press; 2016). 

Who is Carol Kappes? 

Carol was born in Iowa, the daughter of a farmer, and lived on the family farm. She obtained her diploma in Dental Assisting from Rochester Community and Technical College in Rochester, MN and acquired the MN Registered Dental Assistant license. Carol currently resides in Apple Valley, MN.

She is not only a licensed dental assistant but also a freelance writer. She has written posts on various aspects of life and gained a worldwide audience. Carol can plan and envision that her writing can bring purpose and meaning to people’s lives.

America Tonight with Kate Delaney featuring Carol Kappes.

What To Hear Your Voice is all about?

In her Goodreads page, Carol reveals the inspiration for her book, “The inspiration coming for this book had occurred when I had heard other connections voices via social networking. After my website and then hearing what the readers thought of my writing, they are the ones that encouraged me to continue and so this is what kept me going.”

Carol as a poet

The author, who styles herself as the Author of Verse, describes her poems as “very inspirational and motivational with insight and changed thoughts to make this world so much brighter, to bring better peace in the minds of the readers, and to bring hope and purpose to people’s lives.”

Carol’s poetic journey entails composing lots of poetry over the years, especially when inspiration arises – and then filing them for future reflection. 

“These poems I started writing after my high school years,” she told Kate. “I wrote when the words came into my mind. I just wrote on a piece of paper and filed it. Sometimes I used a typewriter. That was the beginning of the creation of my verses.” 

When asked by Kate about how she managed to piece the chapters together for To Hear Your Voice, Carol replied, “I took all the verses that I had written down. My book is unique in a way because it talks about life from birth, life issues in between, and goes to death. What I had to do is take all the verses, organize them out into chapters, and label them with one word. It starts with ‘life’, ‘nature’, ‘emotion’, and goes all the way to ‘happy’, love’, ‘self’, ‘God’, ‘nation’, and so.”

Readers should know that Carol, as a dental professional, places much emphasis on continuing education, training, and seminars. She sets high standards in her career and is committed to excellence. To learn how to put a manuscript together for publication, Carol took a self-education course. 

Carol is no stranger to the power of the Internet. She has been blogging – or to be exact, dishing out verses – on her blogsite Carol’s Corner since 2011. This blog site is where she first began her writings and earned her praises from readers, who then encouraged her to put out a book. 

“Some of the verses that are in the book were not on the blog,” Carol said. “I’m pretty happy with the choices I made in the verses that are in the book.”

Being a dental professional, Carol devotes chapters to health, teeth, mind, grooming, and other related themes in To Hear Your Voice. Some patients’ stories, as well as stories coming from her dental office, made it to her book. 

Much to Kate’s enjoyment, Carol recited two poems, titled “Life Begins Anew” and “Memories”, which she composed in 1986 when she was dating her future husband. 

Through her poetry, particularly poems about nature, peace, and love, Carol hopes to motivate her readers to live a happy and meaningful life, improve their emotional well-being, and become a better version of themselves. She 

Readers can purchase Carol Kappes’s book Hear Your Voice: Written Verse of the 21st Century Inspirational and Motivational in either print or digital format on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. 

To know more about Carol Kappes or read her verses, please visit her blogsite