People have different ways of expressing their feelings, thoughts, or emotions. Whether they’re happy or sad, one way or another, they reach out to the nearest form of a channel that they’re comfortable with to express what they’re going through. There are some people who are good at expressing themselves through their gestures or actions. Some people take to singing, dancing, or acting to relieve themselves of what they are feeling. Others choose to express themselves through an art form. Then others take to pen and literature as an outlet for their emotions. Author Grace Crook chooses to pen a book of poetry to share her ordeals, her adversities, and her success in overcoming the challenges in her life. In her book Innerlight’s Eat and Drink My Words, Grace Crook penned poems that reflect her experience of going through verbal abuse and physical trauma, including some of the common problems people face in life. The book of poetry is an inspirational masterpiece, with beautifully woven rhythmic lines that reach into the reader’s deepest core of the heart and soul, and making them come out renewed and motivated to face life once again.   

Why choose to write poetry?

An interesting question. Why, out of all literature, would people choose to write poems? There’s writing short stories, essays, scriptwriting, etc., but why would people choose something as intricate and as delicate as poetry as a way to express their feelings? What is the magic behind writing poems?

One of the reasons people choose poetry as a medium to express is that despite it looking a bit complicated, poetry can help put things into perspective. There’s a lot of freedom that comes when writing poems and that freedom of playing with words helps to organize the thoughts and put things into a different life and a different perspective. 

Poetry is also a unique yet very impactful form of expression. The twist and rhyming of the words would create an impressive impact upon its readers, especially if the writer were able to master choosing the right words. Also, poems are the perfect literature when in a romantic relationship or when a person is wooing or courting another. There is something very romantic and even sensual when interest or love is written in poetry form. It channels the era of William Shakespeare and those coming from the Golden Age, a period known where literature is thriving and flourishing. 

Another compelling reason why poetry is the first choice for some people is that there is no holding back in poetry writing. The writer is not held back by any grammar rules. There is no length requirement, plus no shortage of subjects to write about. A writer is as free as a bird, and they can go as crazy creative as they want to be. 

Poetry as a form of healing 

Then there are people who turn to poetry as a form of healing. Writing poems, or even reading poems, can help alleviate a person’s pain and any emotional state of suffering. Poems can be a mood booster, a form of comfort when in distress. Since the writer can get as creative as they want, they can choose the most profound, most meaningful form of words that can significantly impact their readers. This form of literature can considerably make or break a person’s heart and soul. 

Studies have found that reading or writing poems are therapeutic, even for people dealing with physical illness. It helps diverts their attention from their current affliction, reducing their emotional distress such as anxiety, fear, anger, and sadness. 

Is poetry an effective remedy for the broken heart and soul? It looks to be a good solution for anyone looking for that relief, that remedy that can put together those pieces shattered by a very painful and traumatic experience. Grace Crook proved that it is very much possible to gather those fragmented parts and pieces and put them all together anew. And she proved it through poetry, poetry that is the panacea for the soul. 

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