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Let’s face it: digital reality is switching people’s lives. And when it comes to reading, the balance is changed to the benefit of short-form stories and poems.

In times of traditional publishing, a 25-page short story or a five-stanza poem needed to be more severe to bear the cost of printing and to distribute it as a separate publication.

Nowadays, authors can publish any piece of writing in a digital form, no matter how long or short.

It changes the perspective. It is not justified to say that people face the revival of short stories and poems. But these are the most effective tools for a revival of reading in digital times.

Anthology of Short Stories and Poems II

Brian Clements’ new book about short stories and poems continues the adventures of Private Detective Jack Donavon of the “If I Could See” series as he searches for the person who caused his hearing loss. This leads Jack back to Florida, where he meets his attacker and must fight him or be killed. Jack also works with unusual clients who get him into all sorts of problems and situations.

You can also follow David and Carol Anne Taylor as they discuss the papers of David’s great-grandfather, who helped search for serial killer HH Holmes. Additionally, you can read about the adventure that Jason and Ava had as they guarded a mental hospital in Florida in the middle of Hurricane Michael and the dilemma they must encounter.

And do not forget the love stories and poetry that always come with Brian’s collection.

From The Book Excerpts

Excerpt from “The Arch Fiend”

John then heard three taps. That meant the third floor, which was also the top floor. He then headed for one end of the hallway, hoping to find some stairs. Nothing at the first end he went to. He then waded through the water to the other side. He didn’t see anything there either.

He then looked closely at the water next to the wall and saw some movement in the water as if it was going behind it. Studying it, John pushed slightly against the wall and noticed that it gave way just a tad.

He then pushed it more and noticed that it was a false wall with some stairs. That’s a relief. Instead of hurrying through the door, Taylor decided to walk slower in case there were more traps.

As he took one step, he suddenly felt a light breeze and decided to take action. When suddenly, a sharp-edged pendulum came down and swung across the stairwell. John falls back to save himself and lands back in the water.

‘What more can happen?’ he said out loud.

Excerpt From “My Dear True Friend”

Besides hiking, fishing, and going to many places.

She also likes to do 5K races.

I’m not sure if she carries a Luger.

But I pray she watches her blood sugar.

When she gets upset, you better watch out.

She knows some choice words, and she won’t pout.

When I look into her baby blues

I sense she has shed some tears.

She goes through life like she has nothing to lose…

About Brain Clements

Brian Clements was born in Washington, D.C., and grew up along the beaches of Northwest Florida. He attended college at Gulf Coast Community College in Panama City, Florida, and also at The University of West Florida, where he majored in Communication Arts (Broadcasting and Journalism). But his true love was writing.

Brian worked in TV for 23 years at WMBB in Panama City, where he worked in engineering and production, directing various shows, including fishing and religious shows and the news.

While living in Panama City, Brian was also very active in local affairs and served on many boards and committees in the community. At one time he even ran for political office in 1995 and 1999.

In 2000, Brian moved to Colorado Springs with his three-year-old son and 19-year-old cat and made Colorado Springs his home. While living in Colorado, Brian worked for a ministry and also worked security at the state capitol in Denver for many years. He now works as a corrections officer.

But again, his true passion is writing. Brian continues to write more short stories and poetry that he hopes will inspire you and help you explore your imagination that will take you on adventures of a lifetime.