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From the many crimes occurring nowadays and the continuous rise of this transgression, is programming robots to become heroes the solution?

The rise of crime rates continues to persevere, and because of this, people are troubled. The idea that this transgression is perpetually increasing as years go by makes us wonder if there is still hope for humanity. Will humanity eventually perish when the time comes that the wicked has prevailed? Knowing that crime rates are progressing, perhaps, gives us an idea to make use of the contemporary technology that’s also progressing.

Using the latest innovations and technology for the common good could have a massive impact that could protect and save humanity.

The book Angel of Mortality: Defender of Life Creator of Chaosby David W. Stewart, involves the collision to save humanity and the planet. The exploitation of contemporary technology, particularly robotics, depicts human power over it. Whether we use or misuse technology, the controller has the power. 

Angel of Mortality: Defender of Life Creator of Chaos offers an exciting plot that will captivate readers until the end of the read. The involvement of contemporary technology and how wicked people could take over this asset to destroy civilization is an eye-opener. If humans could abuse robotics in that grievous way, we can consider programming robots to become heroes instead. Enforcing them to protect and save people in times of despair could revolutionize the world. This could mean hope for every life on earth. 

Zero to Hero: The Power of AI and Robots

Artificial intelligence and robotics are gradually becoming advanced. The amazing human-like things it could do are mind-blowing. Sometimes, it is daunting how technology has improved this drastically, comparing how it was in the old times. Who would’ve known we could reach this far in the game? Technology has always been an integral part of our lives, but fixating on the evolution of technology, it is amazing to compare the past and the present. Technology continues to evolve over time, reshaping our world daily.

Hence, programming robots to become heroes is possible, considering how fast we are developing in terms of contemporary technology. 

As time passes by, we are advancing.

This could be the solution to the increasing crime rates; why not make good use of it?

“There are an endless number of things to discover about robotics. A lot of it is just too fantastic for people to believe.”

—Daniel H. Wilson

Allegedly, there is also a possibility that robots could go against us and, perhaps, destroy humanity. However, the creator or controller has the power to influence its perception and behavior. If the creator aims to destroy, so does the robot he invented. If the creator seeks to save and protect, so does the robot. It will be altered and swayed by how it is programmed, influenced by the inventor’s intention. 

To be troubled by this idea due to fear is something we can’t avoid. It is understandable. The uncertainty of the future is a scary thought, but the incredible potential of technology to craft personalized solutions is inevitable.

Considering that robots can potentially go beyond human capacity because they are not made out of flesh but rather materials that are secure and durable, they could reach a superhero level. Robots could fly, be bullet resistant, carry heavy objects, and have superpowers and abilities like speed, telekinesis, etc. For sure, criminals wouldn’t even dare. 

This process could take time, especially in inventing the robots and programming them to become heroes, but this idea is worth considering. With the current state of our technology, we have a chance to make a revolutionary impact on life.

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