Ray Sobrino Jr.’s books are not only entertaining, but they also educate readers.

Fables have always appeal to readers of all ages. Over the years, we’ve always embraced the story of the Turtle and the Hare, The Grasshopper and the Ant, The Monkey and the Turtle, and many other unforgettable stories. Fables have evolved and the topics are not exclusive to moral lessons anymore. Most of these fables deal with everyday realities as well as the various challenges we face as a society. 

Ray Sobrino Jr is one of the modern fable storytellers recently published by ReadersMagnet. He is the author of two children’s books and one novel. Let’s get to know more about Ray Sobrino Jr. his works. 


Ralphie the Roach 

Ralphie the Roach is the first book by Ray Sobrino Jr. It was published in 2017. It follows the story of a young cockroach. Ralphi is regarded by other insects as ugly and dirty. 

They frown upon him because of his looks and where his family lives. Most cockroaches live in dark and greasy places. One day, Ralphie went home crying. He told his parents that a big and mean honey bee named Henry keeps bullying him. Henry told Ralphie that no one likes him because cockroaches are dirty. He also declared that everyone loves bees because of how they smell and because they spend most of their time around flowers. Ralphie’s parents explained to him what truly matters and comforted him by teaching him how to handle bullies like Henry and other insects that treat him badly. Ralphie the Roach teaches kids how to handle bullying. It also encourages kids to be their own person and to be confident in the face of challenges. 

Charlie the Click Bug

Charlie the Click Bug is Ray Sobrino Jr.’s second book. It was published a year after his first book. It follows the story of a little bug. Charlie is a tiny bug with a medical condition known as epilepsy. This medical condition causes Charlie to click uncontrollably from time to time. Ray Sobrino’s book centers on Charlie’s condition and how Charlie’s parents handle his condition while at the same time making sure that he does not feel an outcast with other kids his age. Charlie the Click Bug is a book that educates children about epilepsy. Children are made to understand that children with this medical condition are not to be discriminated against and that they can also live normal lives.

Both Ralphie and Charlie are representations of a number of children suffering from bullying. Many kids are ostracized either because of their ethnic, social, or political background. While others are unable to live normal lives because of medical conditions that prevent them from doing normal things.

Esther and the Revolution

Esther and the Revolution is Ray Sobrino’s third book. Published in 2019, Esther and the Revolution is his first novel. It is a historical fiction that follows the story of Esther, a young woman trying to the war-torn country of Mexico. She hopes to cross the border and find shelter in another country. The book is set in 1918 and features some of Mexico’s prominent historical figures. Esther and the Revolution is divided into nine chapters. The book is filled with historical lessons, humor, and inspiration. Esther and the Revolution is a deviation from his first two books, yet it still provides both entertainment and valuable lessons.

About Ray Sobrino Jr.

Born in 1971 Long Beach, CA, Raymond Sobrino Jr. holds a degree in English Literature from California Lutheran University. He has three children and currently lives in Newbury Park, California. He is an exterminator by trade and owns a small company, Sobrino’s Termite and Pest. Aside from writing, he enjoys hiking and landscape photography. He loves taking photos of cities and nature.