ReadersMagnet Review features Talk, Play, and Read with Me Mommy, an interactive learning book by Jo Ann Gramlich.

Learning and development are crucial during the child’s first few years. With the advancements in neuroscience, experts have provided new insights on how a child’s brain develops and processes related to child learning and language development. By understanding more about these areas in child growth, parents and educators are now equipped with better tools. Young parents now understand that even at birth, they can begin to interact with their children and, in the process, help enhance their speech and language skills early in life. Today, we will look at one book helping many young parents (especially first-time parents) perform their role as the first teachers to their infants and toddlers- Talk, Play, and Read with Me Mommy by Jo Ann Gramlich.

“Early communication between you and your child is essential and begins at birth. It’s important to know how to get your child ready for school long before their first ride on a school bus. This book will provide you with creative ideas to help enhance your child’s language skills during the early years.”

Jo Ann Gramlich’s 2014 interactive learning guidebook Talk, Play, and Read with Me Mommy presents to parents the idea that they can interact and begin the learning process with their children at an early age. There is never an early time for parents, even for newbie parents, to start an excellent learning adventure with their babies. Talk, Play, and Read with Me Mommy is designed for newborn babies and children up to five years old. It provides parents with stimulating activities and games for interactive learning. These activities aim to enhance the child’s language and speech development and their overall development as well. Gramlich’s book helps parents be on the right track in laying down the foundations for their kid’s learning capabilities. Talk, Play, and Read with Me Mommy also provide great bonding experiences for parents and their kids.

“Although children acquire language at a different rate due to individual differences, your child will naturally learn and develop various communication skills from birth to age five.”

Proper communication plays a vital role in guiding babies and young kids in their journey towards language and speech development. Jo Ann Gramlich’s book helps parents understand the value of communicating with kids early (yes, communication begins at birth). This is crucial in preparing the child for the outside world- school, neighborhood, and community. They say that parents are the first teachers, and the first lesson that parents should teach their kids is how to communicate. This means teaching and showing them how to speak so in time they can process speech sounds, express their thoughts, and talk to others. These are all integral parts of child learning and development.

“Talking and listening to your child is the most positive way to reinforce your child’s communication skills. 

Daily routines provide excellent opportunities for you and your child to engage in conversation.”

Talk, Play, and Read with Me Mommy is more than a pastime read for parents. It is an essential tool that will give parents the proper support they need in addressing language and speech concerns. By showing infants and toddlers the correct way of communicating, they will develop fluency, form sounds and words, speak complete sentences, good comprehension, and communicate well with others. Talk, Play, and Read With Me Mommy offers possibilities and opportunities for young minds to learn fast and learn well. Whether for preschool or homeschool setup, the book is an excellent tool for parents. Jo Ann Gramlich also published a partner for the book- Talk, Play, and Read with Me Daddy, focusing more on Dads and kids’ activities.

Jo Ann Gramlich is an award-winning author and speech-language pathologist at Pediatric Educational and Diagnostic Services-ECMC, Buffalo, New York. Gramlich holds a Master of Science degree in Speech-Language Pathology. She shares her expertise by providing assessments and remediation services for children (especially those with communication disorders) and speech-language therapy for elementary and middle school students at Buffalo Public School District of Western New York.