Do you consider yourself a book enthusiast? If you’re an author, you have to be one whether you like it or not. And if you are, any gathering of book lovers should excite you the most, especially if it’s directly connected to arts and culture—and wealth, if you will.

Confab is defined by the creator as a gathering of book enthusiasts, providing them an avenue to share their stories and be on the lookout for new and upcoming best-selling books in New York City.

High-End Location

As a part of the Empire State Book Tour this fall, the ReadersMagnet Book Confab is not a small-scale gathering of bookworms, let alone book nerds. The location itself will make your enthusiasm extra exciting. It will inflame your eagerness to finish your trilogy, revamp your author branding, overhaul your online presence, and reconnect with your fans.

The Book Confab will be held in the heart of arts and culture in New York: The Tribeca in Lower Manhattan. It is also known to be the center of affluence and show business in the area. The celebrities living in the area include Robert De Niro, Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Taylor Swift. The place, the buildings, the businesses, and the people in the area show the expensive lifestyle everyone expects. They might be the kind of characters you have in your novels that you want to meet in person.

Community of Opportunities

When it comes to books, Tribeca (particularly at 72 Warren St., NY, NY) has been a spot of different pop-up events for arts, exhibitions, book displays, and more affairs. The Poster Museum and Mysterious Book Shop are also housed in the neighborhood. It’s a community you might want to experience to inspire your writing. 

We choose the location because we know it’s a good avenue for you to share your works with a high-class audience. It is in line with the Book Confab’s tagline, “Let Your Stories Be Heard!” It is a rewording of ReadersMagnet’s commitment to share your stories with the world. Yes, we share your stories, from Tribeca to the world. You have to remember that we also have online counterparts of the event.

Strategic Activities

During the RM Book Confab, print books will be displayed in booths. Honorary authors will have ad tarpaulins and VIP badges. BookTok activities will also be organized where a reading of book excerpts and poems are documented for social media posts. Also, the featured author newsletter will be sent to librarians, and the featured author blog will be posted in the Authors’ Lounge.

While the Confab is happening in Tribeca, The Festival of Storytellers is also occurring online. Thus, authors can choose to go to New York during the event or decide to stay virtually by attending the digital book fair. It is also important to note that the Confab is a prelude to the bigger event: the 2022 NYLA Conference and Trade Show in Saratoga Springs on November 3 and 4, 2022.

Take advantage of this gathering of book enthusiasts to add networks of connections, authors, fans, publishers, designers, sponsors, and all kinds of book lovers. 

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