ReadersMagnet had been and still is a center of accusations circling the word “scam.” However, time and time, ReadersMagnet has proven trustworthy and competent in delivering quality services to its clientele.

Looking for services has become easier and more efficient due to the internet. Most companies have made themselves accessible by taking advantage of online marketing. However, one’s online presence doesn’t necessarily mean positive advertising. Being searchable and accessible doesn’t automatically improve one’s reputation. In most cases, online marketing may even lead to the opposite.

When one looks up the word “ReadersMagnet” on the internet, they’re exposed to two possible results.

One, they’re shown articles about the company’s successful book fairs and publications. With ReadersMagnet’s participation in various book fairs, the company has written articles highlighting its accomplishments. These articles show what clients can expect when working with the company.

On the other hand, they can be shown a plethora of articles revolving around skepticism. These are blog posts from various anonymous writers criticizing the company’s trustworthiness, typically claiming it’s a scam. These claims are solely based on conversations they’ve had with the professionals under the company and the services they promise upfront to these authors.

However, Between Both Search Results, One Is More Attested.

If one closely examines both search results, one can easily prove the other as inaccurate.

Looking at the articles from an unbiased perspective, the former undeniably looks more believable. After all, these articles feature the company’s contributions to book fairs and provide readers with photos of actual events. These images showcase published books with fairgoers enjoying them while meeting the authors.

However, skeptics would still dare question their authenticity.

They would disagree that these images couldn’t have been altered. And if they were grabbed from other companies or photographers, ReadersMagnet should have already suffered from copyright strikes, and the posts should have been taken down. But they aren’t.

While the latter articles, those claiming ReadersMagnet’s fraudulence, are purely based on personal accounts. These are only allegations made by blog owners that online readers can’t prove authenticity. Other than written accounts claiming that the company is a scam solely based on the calls they’ve received, these posts can’t provide solid evidence backing their claims.

Readers and interested customers seeing articles featuring real photos with genuine reviews from satisfied authors would have been enough to prove the company’s trustworthiness. These photos can be considered actual and factual proof that the company did join these events and was indeed able to publish their customers’ books.

These can disprove these allegations’ primary source: the conversations and so-called “over the top” promises. From book fairs the company has attended to the growing number of books they’ve published, ReadersMagnet has constantly demonstrated the authenticity behind its promises.

Such Allegations Are Normal. It’s Up to the Company to Disprove Them.

The company can’t blame the people for doubting. After all, it’s almost always beneficial to be untrusting when inquiring about a service for the first time. When it comes to online services, especially from not-so-popular companies, interested customers don’t have the luxury of trusting everything they see. After all, not everything on the internet is what they seem.

When a company they just heard of calls them offering surreal promises to help promote their book, the authors’ first instinct would be to question their authenticity.

Imagine approaching a self-published author and asking them to write a featured article promoting themselves and their book. Most authors would think there must be a catch. Then they’re even told they don’t have to pay for anything. They need to write the article and wait for it to be published.

Everything sounds like a dream.

It sounds unreal, like a dishonest scheme. Any sane person offered this great opportunity would hesitate and doubt its legitimacy. They would look up the company. In extreme cases, they may even write about the conversation and warn others about it.

But ReadersMagnet Continues to Deliver Their Promises.

Despite these articles, ReadersMagnet continues to operate, offering its clientele the best publishing services. While its promises might seem surreal, the company stays on top to guarantee they deliver. ReadersMagnet has been participating in various book events, further cementing its reliability as a publishing company.

From the perspective of an interested customer, reading opposing articles is confusing.

Should they avail of the services? If they listen to the positive articles, then it’s a yes. Yet, with the presence of negative ones, their hesitance likewise increases. However, ReadersMagnet’s growing clientele proves that despite negative evaluations, if the company delivers, it will still gain trusting and loyal customers.