Author interviews is a powerful marketing tool that can make or break an author’s career depending on the questions asked and the answers given.

Radio book interviews are crucial for promoting your book. Live author interviews allow you to reach the broadest number of target audience. A single radio program can reach hundreds, if not thousands of listeners in just a few minutes. However, live book radio interviews are only as good as the questions raised. Intelligent and sensible questions are opportunities for authors to establish themselves as serious writers. They also allow authors to discuss about their works further with the audience. If you can pitch your own questions to the radio host, here is a list of author interview questions we think are essential for you to market your brand effectively:

When did your love for books start?

Everyone expects their authors to book lovers as well. Seldom do people find writers who are not voracious readers. Answering this question will help you establish yourself as a serious literary person.

What types of literature do you usually read?

It is not enough to portray yourself as a literary individual. You are what you read. If people know the type of material you read, the more they will know about you. The more they get to know you the more they will remember you.

At what age did you decide you want to be a writer?

This is similar to the question above. Personal questions help establish rapport and connection to your listeners. The more personal questions the faster you establish connection.

When did you write your first story and what was it all about?

Everyone wants to know the ‘origin’. Your listeners wants to know how you came to be. The interested audience always wants the beginning of things, ideas, events, and of course, people.

Where do you get your inspiration in writing your books?

With thousands tuning in, it is a big possibility that other authors are listening to your interview as well. Inspiration matters to writers and they want a piece of it as well. According to Fred White,

“Inspiration transforms us from creative readers to creative writers. You are reading a book by one of your favorite authors, and all of a sudden the top of your head and your fingertips start to tingle; you grab a pen and begin scribbling away. Give me a few minutes with a work of creative nonfiction by, say, Diane Ackerman, and lo, I’m itching to begin an essay of my own. All it takes is one startlingly imaginative yet information-rich passage…”

What obstacles did you encounter as far as writing is concerned?

Listeners, especially fellow authors want affirmation. They want to know your struggles and the things you did to overcome these writing obstacles. More importantly, they want a glimpse of your journey as a writer.

Do you have any standard process or habits in order to avoid writer’s block?

Again, this is more than a routine question. Aside from the fact that your audience wants to know your personal answer to this inquiry, this is also a chance for you to give out some tips, project your professional self, and they will remember you as someone who has an effective writing routine.

How frequently do you write? Is it spontaneous or scheduled?

A routine question but just as important as the one above.

Do you set a certain goal as far as word count or number of pages per day?

You can view this as an opportunity to give out writing tips or a chance for you to promote your style of writing, thereby promoting your brand as well.

What do you prefer: Typewriters, fountain pen, dictate, computer or longhand?

It is an interesting question and rarely even asked these days. Having this in your list is a bonus question and it depends on how you answer this one. Just make sure that you answer this one in a way that interests your listeners more.

For your books, do you start with the plot or do you develop a character first?

This is the part where you go into give your audience a peek into your narrative. In answering this one, make sure to mention your book multiple times.

What the hardest part about writing books? The easiest?

Again, this is an opportunity to discuss your book while establishing connection with your audience. When your audience hears you answer these types of questions, they get to know you up close and personal.

Can you name authors who have had a big influence on you?

Readers have their own favorite authors. If you answer this question right, you might acquire an instant fan base overnight. Readers and book lovers who adore the same authors or literary figure tend to support each other. Boost your popularity by aligning yourself with some of the established names in the industry. It works almost every time.

Are you open to idea of having your book(s) turned into a feature film?

Who doesn’t love movie tie-ins? Seriously.

What advice would you give to aspiring writers out there?

People always embrace a writer’s epic journey. By providing your listeners with tips for aspiring authors, you already project yourself as a success story and people always love a success story.

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