Tutorial books and manuals are very helpful to aspiring writers and authors. Learning power typing skills is one of them.

There are many typing tutorial books and manuals published these past few decades. Books on boosting type speed as well as lessons on effective keyboarding have been very helpful to students, writers, and even office workers. ReadersMagnet listed 5 books that we think can help authors improve their typing skills.

Touch Typing in 10 Hours by Gerard Strong

Published in 2015, Touch Typing by Gerard Strong promises to teach its readers touch typing skills in just 10 hours. For writers, learning how to use the computer is a must nowadays. According to this book, a person learning how to touch type can reap the benefits of a lifetime whether you are a student, writer, or working with computers. Touch Typing in 10 Hours features easy-to-use lessons divided into one-hour blocks and there are plenty of exercises to consolidate what you have learned. And touch-typing is a skill that can make you money as well as saving you time.

Keyboarding Made Simple by Leigh Zeitz

Since 2005, Zeitz’s revolutionary manual has been helping students and typists alike, double their typing speed. Gone are the days of hunt-and-peck. Keyboard Made Simple: Learn the Best Techniques for Keyboarding like a Pro teaches its readers that effective keyboarding is more than tapping the right letter. Leigh Zeitz believes that reacting to letters is better than finding them on the keyboard. This book contains step-by-step exercises for keyboarding with ease. And yes, develop your digital dexterity with Leigh Zeitz’s Keyboarding Made Simple.

Typing and Keyboarding for Everyone Nathan Levine and Sheryl Lindsell-Roberts

Typing And Keyboarding For Everyone: 35 Easy Lessons To Improve Speed And Accuracy by Nathan Levine and Sheryl Lindsell-Roberts is a must-have for all aspiring writers and those who work with data entries. A popular self-teaching method for typing, extensively illustrated with keyboard diagrams, features a spiral binding with stand for ease of use, an updated guide to the latest typing and keyboard equipment, and a reference chart for computer languages. For over twenty years, it has helped almost a million students and workers learn and appreciate ouch typing.

Fundamental Keyboarding Skills: From the Typewriter to the Computer by Denise Chambers

Denise Chamber’s Fundamental Keyboarding Skills: From the Typewriter to the Computer is a great help in reaching power typing skills. For authors, typing skills are necessary to ensure that one’s manuscript is of high quality and has no typographical errors. In this day and age, most authors rely on typing services and other editorial services for their books. But imagine, if you can work on your book from typing your manuscript to formatting your book. It is a skill worth learning and Fundamental and Keyboarding Skills can help you do that. Fundamental Keyboarding Skills promises to teach writers everything there is to know about typing and formatting from margins, hand placement of keys, typing right, spacing, and many more.  

How to Type Fast: Save Time, Boost Productivity and Double Your Typing Speed by Brandon Nankivell

As the title suggests, How to Type Fast by Brandon Nankivell, is all about boosting your typing speed. It is well- organized and features the 7 keystones to success. The said keystones should help the reader learn how to type like a professional. Nakivell’s book also provides these essential tips especially for authors:

  • How to set goals*
  • How to choose the right keyboard
  • How to apply good ergonomics 
  • How to touch type 
  • How to identify and fix bad habits
  • How to write books 2x faster
  • Typing for beginners and experts
  • 35 typing tips and techniques
  • Enhance your touch typing skills for a lifetime

Brandon’s book is full of quality material that is not discussed in other typing tutorials. As an author with 10 years of typing experience, an average typing speed of 128 words per minute, you can be assured of a quality reliable source. How to Type Fast offers many tips and techniques compiled from some of the top typists in the world and various typing forums for an easy-to-read chapter.