Many Christian authors have found success in recent years. We listed 5 whom we think are worth checking out this 2020.

Christian literature covers a variety of categories- inspirational, devotional, spiritual, and several other sub-categories. Below are 5 Christian authors whose works are relevant today and are certainly worth reading this 2020.

David Roper

Growing Slowly Wise by David Roper. Source: Amazon

David Roper is one of the most successful Christian authors today. He served as a pastor for many years, offering counsel to pastoral couples through Idaho Mountain Ministries, together with his wife Carolyn. David is the author of many inspirational and devotional books. These include Psalm 23, The Strength of Man, A Beacon In the Darkness, Season With Salt, and In Quiet and Confidence. In 2000, David Roper published Growing Slowly Wise: Building a Faith that Works. The book provides readers a deep review of the book of James, its relevance, practical reminders, lessons, and inspirations with topics like “Wishing Up”, “Playing God and Other Perils, and “War and Peace” among others. 

Doreen Hatton

Then Sings My Soul poster
Then Sings My Soul by Doreenmn Hatton.

Doreen Hatton is one of the authors that captured our attention last year. Her book Then Sings My Soul is a unique novel that deals with a tragic loss. Then Sings my Soul is a story about a young family trying to carry on after the loss of their beloved. Samuel Langston was on his way home when a car struck and killed him. He left behind his wife Lily, and their daughters. The car was driven by 15-year old Aaron. David was detained at a juvenile facility. However, because the Langstons are devout Christians they asked the court to give Aaron probation and community service, much to the disappointment of Rose, Samuel’s daughter. Then Sings My Soul is a unique but delightful story about forgiveness and genuine healing. To inquire more about her book and other works contact Doreen Hatton today.

Shawn Smucker

The Day the Angels Fell by Shawn Smucker.

Shawn Smucker is an author and native of Lancaster County. His mother was raised Amish and his father was in the Beachy Amish Church. Shawn is a graduate of Messiah College. He is best known for writing the award-winning book The Day the Angels Fell. The books is a mystery thriller and feature the search for the elusive Tree of Life. Aside from this remarkable work, Shawn Smucker is also the author of the books Once We Were Strangers which a story about an unlikely friendship, Light from Distant Stars, and the biographical novel Dying Out Loud.

Leelia Carolyn Cornell

In the Shadow of God’s Love by Leelia Carolyn Cornell.

Leelia Carolyn Cornell is an author, musician, historian, and a missionary. She writes for magazines for White Tops, a circus magazine and was a regular contributor to Hoosier Heritage Magazine. She is the author of the book In the Shadow of God’s Love. It is an inspirational book that is divided into two parts. The first part features Leelia’s poetry about faith, hope, and relationship with God. The second part of her book features stories from Leelia herself as well as stories from her ancestors.

Sharon Garlough Brown

Sensible Shoes Book Series by Sharon Garlough Brown.

Sharon Garlough Brown is one of the Christian authors currently making waves with her book series. She is a spiritual director. Sharon is also the co-founder of Abiding Way Ministries, an organization providing spiritual formation retreats. She earned an MDiv from Princeton Theological Seminary. Her book series which is entitled Sensible Shoes is composed of four wonderfully written books: Sensible Shoes: A Story About the Spiritual Journey, Two Steps Forward: A Story of Persevering in Hope, Barefoot: A Story of Surrendering to God, and An Extra Mile: A Story of Embracing God’s Call. It tells the story of Charissa, Meg, Hannah, and Mara. The books discuss friendship, spiritual truths, and a deeper life with God.