The success of Andy Weir’s The Martian opened new opportunities for self-published sci-fi novels with various themes and styles.

The last decade has produced great for sci-fi novels, especially from self-published authors. A Latent Dark by Martin Kee, The Interstellar Age by Valmore Daniels, and Andy Weir’s two bestsellers, The Martian and Artemis, were all remarkable. For this year, we recommend these five self-published sci-fi novels.

Dremiks by Cassandra Davis

In 2012, Cassandra Davis published her debut novel Dremiks. Set one hundred years into the future, post-apocalyptic Earth is struggling with what’s left of the Earth. The remaining inhabitants of the planet strike a deal with an alien race offering them inter-stellar technology in return for an out-of-this-world mission. The crew and passengers of ISA shuttle Hudson must travel to the far side of the universe to save a dying planet called Dremiks. An Alien science-fiction meets post-apocalyptic politics, Cassandra Davis offers a breath of fresh air in today’s science-fiction genre.

Sleeping Giants by Sylvain Neuvel

For book fans who longing for another great earth-mystery sci-fi read, Sylvain Neuvel’s Sleeping Giants is a must-read. For those who like Michael Brooks’ World War Z or Michael Crichton classics (Congo, Prey, and Jurrasic Park), Neuvel’s book about a mysterious giant metal hand is sure to put readers constantly on the edge. Much like other great sci-fi dealing with earth mysteries, Sleeping Giants also contain some elements of apocalyptic fiction and horror. Sleeping Giants is part of Neuvel’s Themis Files including Waking Gods and Only Human.

Skyracos: The Mining Mess by John Picha

Old school sci-fi is cool and they’re back with a vengeance. John Picha’s 2013 sci-fi adventure Skyracos: The Mining Mess. The novel tells the story of Skyracos, winged warriors who operate millions of miles from their home planet Centrus. They are space adventurers paid to protect all of the hunamid-kind. They act as a kind of police force, dispensing justice and keeping the peace throughout various areas of their operation. The book’s main protagonist is Chip Daniels. He and the rest of Unit 9901 are sent to check out an isolated mining colony hit by a mysterious plague. Once there, the Skyracos find themselves in a deadly situation. We recommend Skyracos for those who love streamlined spaceships, flight pack, and flying spacemen.

The Brotherhood of the Wone by Len Stage

Len Stage is new to sci-fi but this debut novel is uncommon that we included this in our list. The Brotherhood of the Wone is a story about a handyman who found himself in the middle of a supernatural adventure. Her employer, Jean Conway found a mysterious piece of an ancient priest robe from Belize. This ancient relic led them to discover a powerful force that has been dormant for hundreds of years. The Brotherhood of the Wone offers readers a sci-fi adventure mixed with supernatural elements. This is like Indian Jones meets science fiction.

Daughters of Twilight by Collette Jackson-Fink

Another science fiction every book fan should check is Collette Jackson-Fink. Her debut novel Daughters of Twilight is quite intriguing. It is action sci-fi mixed with supernatural elements. Fink’s book features a pyramid with ancient angels. The story is set in a small city in the Midwest town of Waterloo, Iowa. The quiet life of the town is disturbed when a huge black tower appeared out of nowhere in a cornfield in Blackhawk Country. When special tactical teams are sent to investigate, they discover a beautiful ancient creature. This discovery is just the beginning of a dark and terrifying mystery. Collette Jackson-Fink weaves a sci-fi that is uniquely her own.