Self-published authors do not have the luxury of having the resources that traditionally published authors have. This is where the importance of getting quality book promotion services come in.

A comprehensive book marketing strategy levels the playing field and enables self-published authors a chance to be heard by their rightful target audience. In today’s digital era, online book promotion services play a central part in making the brand known as well as establishing the author’s online reputation. ReadersMagnet Reviews takes a closer look at book marketing services and how each one of them contributes to the authors’ goal of sharing their stories with the world.

Establishing a solid online brand publicity equates to solid online reputation management.

The digital platform is a must-have for every author, especially self-published ones. This is where the action is. That said, it is essential for every author to have a base of operation online. It comes in the form of an author’s website. It contains information about you and your books, a section for you other works such as blogs and other materials, updates section, a comments section wherein interested parties can leave comments and inquiries, and other things related to your brand. In short, the website serves as your online office. From here you can now engage in other online activities needed for promoting your book.

Social media advertising is among the primary tasks of each author. It is important to engage and be a part of the largest population of the online world- the social media community. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and even YouTube allow you to post articles, pictures, videos, and just about any information you want to share to your target audience. And yes, you can find the largest number of potential following in social media.

Daughters of Twilight by Collette Jackson-Fink.

Speaking of potential following, you can also share your book trailer in social media and other sharing sites. Here is a sample of a book trailer from ReadersMagnet:

The goal of setting up an online brand publicity is to get noticed by the online community. There is no better way to establish your reputation online than by ranking up in the engine search. Google being the number one search engine should be your top target.

This is where SEO (search engine optimization) comes in. So what exactly is SEO?

According to,

“Search engine optimization (SEO) is the art and science of driving targeted website traffic to your website from search engines.”

For self-publishing authors they can do SEO through blogging. SEO through blogging is an essential tool for two primary reasons:

  1. By constantly producing fresh content for your site and linking it to other refutable sites, you are sharing their juice or traffic to your site as well.
  2. By guest posting or writing content for other sites, you are establishing your reputation as a serious writer and at the same time increasing your online visibility.

Despite the advancements made over the last two decades, print marketing materials and press releases remain an important part of any marketing strategy.

Print advertising is still the most widely used form of advertising businesses. An online banner ad can boost online search impressions up to thousands.

No book promotion services is complete without the press release campaign. For authors, having direct media press release and web press release is a huge advantage.

Of course, every business has its own marketing materials or marketing kit. A marketing kit includes business cards, bookmarks, postcards, posters, and digital sell sheets. Just make sure that they come in great quality and quantity. The more business cards or bookmarks you distribute the greater the reach for your book promotion.

Exposing your book to the reading public and the publishing community is the ultimate book promotion service you can get.

To be reviewed by a reputable institution or individual critic is every author’s dream. A book review service brings two things; a review offer insights on what readers think about your book and on the other hand, they help your book get noticed.

Another medium that is bringing authors closer to their audience is the live radio author interview. Book radio interviews usually last for about 15-minutes but it can reach thousands of target audience. With the advent of digital media, radio interviews can now be broadcast live on the internet making it one of the most effective book promotion services an author can avail.

A compilation of author testimonies by radio host Ric Bratton.

Book fairs and book signing events are two avenues where authors get a chance to expose themselves and their works to both national and international publishing community. Attending national (Book Expo America, New York Rights Fair) and international (Beijing International Book Fair, Guadalajara International Book Fair) is the ultimate experience for any author. To share an audience with other authors, publishers, literary agents, book experts, critics, and other members of the literary community is a huge honor. Not only it exposes your book to a bigger market but it also adds to your portfolio as a serious author.

Book fairs attended by ReadersMagnet last year.

ReadersMagnet Self-Publishing believes that the marketing services mentioned above make up for a comprehensive and formidable book promotion campaign. ReadersMagnet offers self-publishing and book marketing services including the ones we have just discussed.

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