Alana Konieczka’s A Kid’s Life: Loving, Learning, Growing is a collection of valuable lessons incorporated in beautifully-written short stories.

Short illustrated stories make for a good medium for introducing young readers to good values, the right attitude, and inspiration. Drawings and beautiful images attract kids’ attention and the stories are easily absorbed if they are written in short sentences. Throughout history, lessons are better absorbed if they are entertaining as well as concise. One example of modern short stories for children is Alana Konieczka’s A Kid’s Life: Loving, Learning, Growing. ReadersMagnet Review takes a closer look.

Introducing Beautiful Lessons to Young Readers

While many of the children’s illustrated books we grew up with offer moral values and learnings, today’s modern kid stories tackle specific issues such as attitude, social interaction, and appropriate conduct. Alana Konieczka’s A Kid’s Life: Loving, Learning, Growing published in 2019 is among the modern works that discussed and introduced these values to kids. It is a collection of short stories that feature narratives on sportsmanship, acceptance, friendship, shortcomings, and also tackle a number of key issues that children encounter such as bullying. Some of these short stories are based on Alana’s own experience and recollections.

The stories in the book include a story that deals with handicapped people and how hard it is for them to deal not only with their own situation but also with other people’s opinions. The story teaches readers how to act appropriately and show respect to people who are different from us. This is based on Alana’s father who is handicapped and wheelchair-bound. Outside is another great story that encourages young kids to go outdoors. This is very relevant today as we are seeing that today’s generation is so hooked with gadgets and the internet that they forget to appreciate personal interaction and the beauty of nature. Other stories include Grandma’s Magic PantsMe and My Dog, and Liz’s TroubleMe and My Dog is a story about Alana and her love for animals, especially dogs. Aside from writing, Alana is an advocate of animal rescue and adoption. And the story is meant to promote the idea of adopting animals instead of buying from pet shops. Liz’s Troubles is a short story that talks about a family experiencing financial trouble because one parent doesn’t have a job. This brief narrative explains to children at a very young age that problems are a part of life and they can be overcome.

All the stories in the book provide readers with happy endings and a positive outlook on life. The illustrations in the book are done by Alana’s nephew, Mike Soucie.

About Alana Konieczka

Author Alana Konieczka is a book lover, and advocate of animal rescue and adoption. Alana is a two-term President of The Friends of the Library. She helps the group to raise funds and also enjoys assisting the staff of the library. As a booklover with family and friends who work in the library, Konieczka believes that lending a hand to the place is an opportunity to give back to the library that brought joy to many people like her. Alana is currently living in the South Suburbs of Chicago. Her motto in life is “Faith, Family, Friends (two and four-legged), Freedom”. Konieczka loves the thought of how people make use of children’s books, like the one she published, as a tool to engage kids to read. 

To know more about Alana Konieczka and her work, grab a copy of her book A Kid’s Life: Loving, Learning, Growing, or visit her website today.