Renowned author, lecturer, and former D.C World Bank data network specialist Kourosh Naziri (who goes by the pen name “Cyrus”) is the current general-manager of Cyrus 21st Century Entrepreneurship LLC, a science and technology research company based in Los Angeles, California. Cyrus is as knowledgeable in health coaching and weight loss programs just as much as he is in space-faring and science-fiction – an unexpected yet tasteful versatility in his skill set that allows for an intriguing combination of colorful, speculatory imagination and solid, factual science. Aside from being the author of the critically-acclaimed, futuristic space-exploratory novel titled “A Journey to Ultradimensions: Time Is of No Essence in This Ultra Dimension”, he is also the author of the highly informative and very beneficial exercise and dietary program titled “A Proper Weight Loss Program and Improving Health: Using the Latest Science and Technology Concepts,” which is a comprehensively thorough yet simplified analysis of diet and exercise minus the cosmetic aspect of it that the health industry appears to revolve around in modern times – especially with society’s heightened consciousness towards body-acceptance, broader and more comprehensive beauty standards, and new perspectives towards fat-shaming.

This immersive health-conscious and beneficial weight loss program book by Naziri, which is skillfully communicated in a simplified and easy-to-understand format, extensively discusses new and unique procedures required to influence improved health and weight management for a better future of well-being. In Cyrus’ recent radio interview with Kate Delaney on America Tonight, they discussed some concepts and topics in his book that were relevant to the holiday season. Cyrus touched on the fact that, more often than not, the holiday season is a time of unavoidable indulgence – and that while it’s okay to overeat or treat yourself to some unhealthy meals every now and then, we must always be health-conscious enough to compensate for them appropriately. Cheat days are sometimes necessary, so long as we make up for it twice as much exercise the following day. Cyrus believes that constantly depriving ourselves of our favorite foods is unhealthy, too, as it influences a deeper psychological desire to overindulge. Aside from this, he also emphasizes the downsides of self-starvation as well, as doing so may very well backfire and result in the exact opposite of what we intended to achieve in the first place, regressing us away from our goals rather than progressing us towards more desirable, healthy results that enable good health and longevity.

Cyrus’ program is divided into two sections, which are: the main body of the book that discusses proper diet and exercise comprising Section One, and another portion dedicated to future reference and knowledge. On his book’s Amazon entry, Naziri states that his program is directed at anyone aged nine to ninety-nine, and even though the book is mainly aimed at adults, he has included an appendix intended for younger people within the twenty to twenty-five-year-old age bracket, saying that the annex one could be especially beneficial for much younger audiences under parental discretion. This particular portion of the book comprises section two, which serves as reference and source material for further research and study.

The audiobook version of Kourosh Naziri’s “A Proper Weight Loss Program and Improving Health: Using the Latest Science and Technology Concepts” is free for download on Amazon and is a highly recommendable listening experience for anyone using Audible or other audiobook-streaming applications. The Kindle version of the book costs $2.99 while the paperback version is $16.48 – and readers who’d prefer to treat themselves to a good-old, solid hardbound copy of the book can purchase the hardcover version on Amazon as well for $18.48.

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