Drugs and alcohol addiction are serious problems. It detaches a person from God, family, and society. For most Americans who are into alcohol and drugs, it’s the endgame. And yet some came back and live to tell their stories.

Gregory McLeod joins the veteran host in America Tonight with Kate Delaney to talk about his book, The Apathetical Man. In this 12-minute interview, McLeod discusses with Delaney the inspiration behind his book. Gregory McLeod is a former drug addict and an alcoholic. His bout with alcoholism started at an early age. He has been into rehab multiple times. The Apathetical Man is all about that dark journey and his eventual redemption. McLeod shares to Delaney details about his book through this radio interview.

America Tonight with Kate Delaney featuring Gregory McLeod.

The Journey towards Spiritual Awakening

McLeod begins by acknowledging the 12-Steps program (12-Principles of Alcoholics anonymous) and its importance. Kate Delaney recognizes the fact that Gregory has been through a lot and asked him how was he able to get out of the hellish life of drugs and alcohol.

Gregory McLeod then proceeds with narrating how his spiritual awakening began.

“Well, it happened sort of fast and then it slowed down and I started getting my spiritual awakening. The spiritual awakening didn’t come overnight. It took a while for it all to come together. And once it all started to come together, I started to put it on paper. And then I can see for myself what spiritual awakening was. I was at rehab. Remember I was rehab ten times and I never got it…I was near death, physically and spiritually. This was my last chance. That day, the counselor grouped us together and he put us in ranks, from the least of us going to rehabs to the most rehabs. And guess what? I was at the ‘most rehabs’. He had two questions- he asked, “What can this rehab do for you?” and “What do you want to get out of this rehab?” As soon as he said that, I was down on the floor. Because nobody has ever asked me that question, ‘What do I need?’ And as soon as it happened, I told them I did not know. And amazingly, I felt scales come off my body, I felt weights come off my body. Cause I needed that. It wasn’t all physical now, it’s spiritual. I have been fighting a spiritual battle, more so than a physical battle.”

Documenting His Own Dark Moments

Kate Delaney gave the listeners an overview of the dark journey that Gregory McLeod went through and eventually overcame. Gregory’s encounter with alcohol and drugs started when he was just in his teens. By age 14, Gregory was already a full-blown alcoholic and a drug user. The frequent drug abuse and his dependence on alcohol led Gregory to a life of misery and failures. He admitted that for over forty-five years, he was into drugs and alcohol. He suffered drug over-doze ten times, some of them were major over doze. He also got involved in car accidents and suffered multiple serious injuries. He was admitted to rehab centers many times only to find himself doing drugs and alcohol again. Gregory also noted that perhaps the reason why he failed those 9 times because he did not know God the way he is supposed to. 

Living a Life of Sobriety and Happiness

The last part of the interview revealed that the day Gregory met the rehab counselor was the day his life changed for the better. Gregory McLeod confessed that it was hard writing the book. Revisiting the dark years of his life was not easy. However, he also said that he can laugh about it now. He can feel joy and even though he lost a lot of jobs before, he is grateful that people see him now as a changed man. Greg also left a message to those who are still suffering from drug abuse and alcoholism that God is always there if they seek His grace.

The Apathetical Man is both a documentary and an inspirational book that seeks to inspire other people to overcome drug addiction and alcoholism. Through a series of questions by host Kate Delaney, McLeod was able to send a message of hope to listeners and share a glimpse of what his book is all about. Proof of that is Gregory Mcleod who is not fifteen years sober and clean.

For more information about Gregory McLeod’s The Apathetical Man, you can visit his author website www.mcleodgregory.com

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