Bullying comes in many forms and it’s happening still all across the United States. Lydia Greico’s Because It’s Wrong: Bullies vs Nazis is a book that is very relevant today.

Author’s Corner of America Tonight features Lydia Greico, author, anti-bullying advocate, and a retired psychiatric technician. She is the author of the book Because It’s Wrong: Bullies vs Nazis. The 12-minute interview provides a quick look at Lydia Greico’s inspiration for writing the book as well as her views on various topics all within the scope of the bullying issue. Together with veteran and award-winning host Kate Delaney, Greico recounts and shares her own experiences growing up and these shape her personality as a grown-up individual. ReadersMagnet revisits this awesome author interview.

A Tough American Childhood

Despite the growing number of discussions and media attention on the issue of bullying, a great number of the American population still suffers from bullying. In her interview with veteran host Kate Delaney, author and advocate Lydia Greico reveals that bullying is still rampant in the United States. Despite anti-bullying campaigns, awareness, and programs, most states and places in America is still a tough place to grow up because of bullying. Greico notes that childhood bullying is so-well entrenched in American society that people actually think it is okay to bully a person you don’t like.

Standing Up Against Bullying

Lydia Greico recalls her own journey with bullying. Greico went to a Catholic school. For most people, it might be the last place you’d expect bullying to exist and yet Grieco suffered bullying in her school. From taking punches to being thrown things at, Greico endured all of this. She finally had enough of bullying when one day she realized that other children started bullying her brother Joe. It was the turning point of Lydia’s childhood. Lydia decided to fight back. This earned her a trip to the principal’s office.

America Tonight with Kate Delaney featuring Lydia Greico.

Another school incident involving Greico finally pushed the school administrators to publicly condemn bullying. This greatly shaped Lydia’s personality and would greatly defined her future decisions in life, becoming an advocate and helping other people expose and fight to bully.  

Random Act of Kindness

Lydia Greico believes that bullying can only be defeated by educating young children and teaching them good values. And it starts in the family. She further notes that it’s acts of random kindness that will help shape a kinder world for everyone.

Overall, the interview with Kate Delaney allowed author Lydia Greico to educate listeners about bullying and how we can contribute to helping people recover from this social phenomenon that is ever-present in almost all societies around the world. Because It’s Wrong: Bullies vs Nazis is a read both haunting and healing.

About the Author

Lydia Greico is a retired licensed psychiatric technician. She is an advocate for the various marginalized sectors and communities. Greico completed her MA degree in Occupational Studies from California State University in Long Beach in 2006. As a child, Lydia suffered bullying in her elementary school and their neighborhood. This is the reason why she feels strongly against bullying and suicide. She is still active in many anti-bullying campaigns. Greico also writes regular blogs about bullying, helping others understand more about the issue. Her write-ups also inspire others to cope with the effects of bullying. Lydia Greico is the author of another book, Fun with Pharmacology: Pharmacology Made Simple.

For more information about Lydia Greico’s Because It’s Wrong, you can visit her website https://www.lydiagreico.com

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