Throughout ages, dreams have been a part of mankind’s reality. Some try to interpret them, others treat them as dire warnings, and there are those who embrace them as an extension of their faith.

Veteran host and author Kate Delaney interviews author Rohan Stewart on America Tonight with Kate Delaney. He wrote the book Renewing Your Mind Daily: Book 1 Embracing the Culture of the Kingdom. The 12-minute interview centers on Stewart’s inspiration for writing the book and how he thinks God communicates through dreams and supernatural experiences.

A Contingent Encounter

The interview starts with Kate Delaney introducing Rohan Stewart’s book, Renewing Your Mind Daily. The book is a 40-day devotional which emphasizes on renewing the way we think. It also tackles how submitting ourselves to the authority of the kingdom of heaven.

America Tonight with Kate Delaney featuring Rohan Stewart.

When asked about his inspiration on writing the book, Rohan Stewart replied:

“Two main things inspired me to write this book. First is [the] encounter with [the] man of God who immersed himself in fasting and prayer and ultimately had supernatural experiences that gripped my attention … I applied for my dream job but was denied the opportunity since I arrived at the interview a little late. I was very upset that such a golden opportunity slipped through my fingers. I sought employment elsewhere and was accepted. It was at this job that I was introduced to this man of God. So, what I thought was a rejection turned out to be contractions for my rebirth as I had to be born again and this is the path God destined for me to do so and pursue righteousness. And second is the scripture found in Romans 12:2, which basically says that we should not conform to the traditions of the world but be transformed by the renewing of our minds.”

That Mysterious Dream

Rohan then states a dream he had that was similar to a bible apocalyptic scene. When he woke up from that dream, Rohan interpreted that dream as a church collapsing. Then September 11 happened. He points out that just like in the bible, God communicates with us through dreams and that sometimes these dreams contain warnings and signs of the times. Above all, God desires to have a close relationship with His people.

Author Rohan Stewart hopes to encourage people to spend time with the Lord and to recognize His very presence in our daily lives. Only through worship can we experience intimacy with God. Being close to God allows us to experience supernatural revelations according to Rohan Stewart.

The author also emphasized the importance of acceptance and forgiveness. God’s forgiveness is unlimited and for us to enjoy life in good health, relative peace, and joy, we must be able to stud and learn the art of forgiving.

Through this feature interview, we more about Rohan Stewart’s won supernatural experiences as well as stuff about his book, Renewing Your Mind Daily. It is more than a narration of one man’s journey closer to God, it seeks to inspire readers to reexamine their philosophies in life.

About the Author

Rohan Stewart is an ordained minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He also works as a cyber-security analyst. Renewing Your Mind Daily: Book 1 Embracing the Culture of the Kingdom was published last June 2019.

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