Despite the modern advancements in science and technology, humanity is yet to achieve genuine social progress. Author Jeb Taylor believes that human sustainability is seriously under threat as we speak.

America Tonight with Kate Delaney features Jeb Taylor on Author’s Corner. Jeb Taylor, a sustainability advocate and author of several other books, sits with veteran radio host Kate Delaney to talk about his latest work. A Handbook for Humanity: Seeking Sustainability in the Twenty-First Century discusses the important relationship between technological advancement and humanity’s attitude towards progress in determining our future as a human race. Delaney’s interview with Jeb Taylor offers us an interesting peek at a book that may change the way we perceive the future of technology and its impact on our very own survival.

The Enormous and Long-Overdue Threat

Taylor narrates how his interest in civilization and sustainability began. Growing up, Jeb Taylor became curious about the relationship between technology and human behavior. His concern and fear for mankind’s survival increased after observing how humanity seems to be so reliant on technology. He notes that our behavior tends to lend towards being indifferent to what’s happening to our planet. Jeb Taylor firmly believes that if do not change our ways, technology and progress might be more of a detriment than a tool for saving our future.

Technology and Attitude: Closing the Gap

However, when asked by Delaney about the clash of technology and with what’s happening with our society, Jeb confides:

“Well, it’s interesting. For the first half of my life and my concern, I just blamed technology like lots of people do. I assumed that the only way to solve our problems was to regress technologically. But I no longer…well, first of all, that’s not going to happen. People are not going to voluntarily adopt, regress technologically. We’re so hooked on modern conveniences and inventions and stuff, we’re not going to do that. But it also occurred to me that it was not technology per se that was the problem. It was our irresponsible use of technology that was our problem. So, the question became ‘how do we change our behavior?’ and you know it’s very simple to say, ‘oh we’re just to behave more responsibly.’ That is not the case…”

excerpt from the radio interview with Kate Delaney
America Tonight with Kate Delaney featuring author Jeb Taylor.

Taylor further notes that it is not easy to change human behavior, especially since it has been established thousands of years ago. The author notes that there is a huge difference between living in a primitive state and a civilized state. Taylor emphasized the need to use technology responsibly. It is important to manage technology and narrow the gap between technological progress and social behavior.

Fighting for Sustainability Together, Today

During the latter part of the interview, Kate and Jeb discussed the crucial question of ‘how do we move forward?’

Jeb Taylor then points out the need to treat the current situation with a sense of urgency. The need for social awareness and education must not be just within America but all across the globe. Taylor thinks that while the task is enormous and difficult, it is not impossible. Kate Delaney also notes the possibility of resistance to change. However, Taylor puts forward a startling fact that if we don’t change our ways, if we don’t break the cycle, and if we don’t take action to improve our behavior, civilization will not survive.

The interview ends with Taylor reminding everyone to take action now. He encouraged everyone to make small but necessary changes in the way we view things and how we embrace technological progress. A Handbook for Humanity is indeed a must-read not only for sustainability advocates but for every human being.

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