Host Kate Delaney interviews Dr. Peter Justus for an episode of Author’s Corner. Dr. Justus is the author of The Pursuit of the Personal Renaissance Experience: Finding Opportunities for Happiness in the Ever-Present Now. ReadersMagnet Review joins Delaney in learning more about this unique self-help that is a fusion of science and spirituality.

Readers Magnet Review | Delaney begins by asking Dr. Peter Justus what’s his reason for coming out with a book. The author then explains that an epiphany of a perfunctory activity made him reexamine his life. This eventually led him to a personal journey of learning, unlearning, and relearning. What started as a series of analyses, these musings evolved into chapters that would eventually comprise the book. His initial goal was to tell his children about his thoughts on what happiness was.

The Genesis of Happiness

The veteran host wasted no time throwing in the quintessential question- What is happiness?

To this, the good author calmly replied,

“…my conclusion is happiness is all about improving oneself and it really goes back to who we are as living organisms is that we need to improve in order to be adaptable and to prosper in our world and that’s really the genesis of happiness, is that feeling that we’re getting better and that’s I think it’s the essence of it, actually…”

Dr. Peter Justus further explained that most of us are too busy living through time instead of being in the moment. This, he said, creates a sort of emptiness in our daily existence. This existential void was very evident in his life until he stumbled upon a life-changing realization while doing a daily routine activity.

Your Own Paradigm Shift

One of the focal points of The Pursuit of Personal Renaissance Experience is finding meaning in your life. Delaney highlights that the key to happiness is finding your meaning and purpose of what you do. Justus is a successful physician with a lucrative career. Despite his personal achievements, Dr. Peter Justus felt that there is still something left to be desired.

This is why a major part of his book deals with finding one’s purpose in life and working to achieve that purpose. Peter Justus emphasized that the only way to truly fulfill our own meaning and bring joy to our existence is to continuously improve ourselves in and out.

The Pursuit of Personal Renaissance Experience, as the title suggests, speaks about self-improvement by understanding each facet of what we do and eventually doing better in each of those aspects. Dr. Justus notes that each one of us is multi-dimensional and we have the capacity to improve each dimension of our well-being if we take the time to examine the nature of our work and relationships. Knowing more about ourselves and these areas in our existence, we can now redesign ways on how to improve on the areas that need improvement. By doing so, we better ourselves, our perspective, and our purpose in life.

Living in the Ever Present Now

Another major idea that The Pursuit of Personal Renaissance: Finding Opportunities for Happiness in the Ever Present Now promotes is living in the moment. Delaney and the author, Dr. Peter Justus discussed how doing things perfunctorily without truly understanding or appreciating what is you do or why you do it, somehow leaves us feeling empty. According to Dr. Justus, most of us do things for the “reward” without knowing who we are while doing the process leading to that goal or reward. This mindset tends to take away the essence of what we do and along the way leaves us wondering for what reason do we do these things. He notes that only by understanding how and why we do things can we truly achieve a sense of fulfillment and eventually, happiness.

Kate Delaney’s interview with Dr. Peter Justus gave the listeners a glimpse of what the readers can gain from his book. The Pursuit of Personal Renaissance: Finding Opportunities for Happiness in the Ever Present Now promises to be a great and inspiring read.