Award-winning America Tonight radio host Kate Delaney sits in with Doreen Hatton. Doreen Hatton is the author of the published novel Then Sings My Soul. The 12-minute interview is part of ReadersMagnet’s Radio Book Interview book marketing services.

A Story of Tragedy and Loss

Then Sings My Soul tells the story of a family dealing with the loss of their beloved husband and father. Samuel Langston. Samuel was killed one night while crossing the street on the way home. The car that hit him was driven by a teen Aaron Turner.

Although Samuel’s family has convinced the court to allow Aaron probation and community service, this decision was particularly hard for fifteen-year old Rose. Rose is having a hard time accepting the fact that Aaron is not serving time in jail for her father’s death.

In a way, the struggles and loss that the Langston household mirrors a certain phase that Doreen Hatton felt when her husband died. She expected her husband’s family to fully support her and be there for the family the way that her husband supported the said family when he was still alive.

Delaney and Hatton discuss the process of forgiving and how it is difficult even for Christians. Delaney also notes how the book somehow serve as an outlet for Doreen in dealing with her own struggles. The gripping emotions displayed across the pages are well-paced and represents a lot of real-life anxieties that readers can related to.

“This is what the book is all about, going to a period of time when you struggled with your own pain and then you find out that there’s a way out of it.”

A Message of Forgiveness and Redemption

After Samuel’s death, his family went on to rebuild their lives by returning to their old routine of actively performing church duties and community functions.  The Langston girls are talented musicians regularly performing at church. It was during this time that they discovered Aaron’s passion for singing and guitar playing. Through series of interactions and music, the girls get to know more about Aaron and together they discover the power of forgiveness and healing.

As an author, Delaney was able to facilitate what Doreen Hatton wanted to say to listeners about her book. More than anything, Then Sings My Soul is a touching story about loss, grief, forgiveness, and finding redemption. Overall, Delaney’s radio interview with Doreen Hatton proved to be a brief but concise run through of the book.

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