Kate Delaney hosts J.D. Cobb for an episode of Author’s Corner in America Tonight with Kate Delaney. Cobb is the author of the inspirational book Forty Days of Healing: A Book of Meditations, Prayers, and Testimonies of Healing. ReadersMagnet revisits Delaney’s talk with author J.D. Cobb.

God as a Healer

Delaney starts with J.D. Cobb’s own personal journey to healing by telling readers that the Cobbs herself went through the 40 days of healing she experienced a traumatic incident. Cobbs then explains that one of the major reasons why she wrote the book is to remind everyone that God not also a healer and that it would be wise to lift up to Him all the pain and suffering. J.D, emphasizes how important the scriptures as well as the testimonies from “healed” persons in actually healing other people.

The author further notes that often times we forget to go directly to God for comfort and even church leaders forget that their role is to bring people closer to God.

“Unfortunately, I’ve seen a lot of church leaders who want to connect people to themselves rather than connect people to God. And so it’s like, “Well I’m the way that you get to God, I’m the way that you get your blessing…no, you’re supposed to liberate us. Your job is to set us free so that nothing hinders us from getting to God.

A Family Miracle

The veteran host then invited J.D. Cob to share her personal story of healing. This incident had to do with her brother.

Her brother was about to be inducted into the army. One day he came home running to the door to confront their mom about something. His brother asks their mom if she knew that he had polio as a child. Their mother confirmed but decided not to tell J.D.’s brother. Their mother opted to take care of their brother rather than have him on a ventilator or a machine. Their mother felt that the chances of surviving polio in the 40s. Every day J.D.’s mom would pray over her brother, ask God to heal him and anoint his feet. Eventually, his brother’s feet would straighten out and would be able to walk and run like a normal kid.

Dr. Peter Justus further explained that most of us are too busy living through time instead of being in the moment. This, he said, creates a sort of emptiness in our daily existence. This existential void was very evident in his life until he stumbled upon a life-changing realization while doing a daily routine activity.

A book of real-life testimonies

Kate Delaney’s interview with J.D. Cobb further discussed faith and how important it is to first have faith before asking God to heal. Cobb’s book is a collection of real-life events of healing and acceptance. Coupled with scriptures and her own personal experiences, Cobb creates a powerful book that hopes to help others see the importance of faith and prayer on the road to healing.

J.D. Cobbs gave the listeners a detailed background of her book. Both from the perspective of a religious person and as a teacher, Cobbs was incisive in her answers, something that readers of the book can look forward to. As usual veteran host, Kate Delaney set the tone for this wonderful interview.

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