America Tonight with Kate Delaney features Rev. Marie Tombow. Tombow is the author of Neither Do I Condemn You. ReadersMagnet Review takes a closer look at the Author’s Corner radio interview with Reverend Tombow.

Rev Tombow’s Early Life Choices

The radio interview started with Reverend Marie Tombow discussing the strained relationship she had with her mother. Early in her life, Marie felt that the things that her mother said and did to her were not out of love but more of like rejection. Marie developed an antagonistic relationship and disdain towards her mother. Eventually, she sought comfort outside the family and met new people who accepted her for who she taught she was. She decided that she did not want to become like her mom and became a lesbian.


Choosing Faith and Redemption

Despite her confusion, Marie lives a lesbian life and adopted their lifestyle. For many years, Tombow embraced her newfound community even though deep inside she felt that this was not God wanted for her. Eventually, Marie realized that she wanted to heed to God’s call and decided to discover the word of God.

Marie decided to take on a journey and make the necessary changes and abandon the lifestyle that she once held. For over forty years now, Marie Tombow is living a life free of pain and rejection. She further revealed that her perspective changed as well as her priorities. Trusting the lord made Marie a better person and a happier individual.

America Tonight with Kate Delaney featuring Marie Tombow.

Kate Delaney pointed some of that it must be hard making another life-changing decision, which may have dealt Marie with rejection and abandonment from her previous community. At this point Marie shared,

“Well, God in his wisdom, when it was time to take me out of the lifestyle, He moved me away from people I knew. So, I moved into a different surrounding and was able to kinda go along and ‘okay now, what do you want me to do?’…As he changed my priorities, you know as I live with Him and allowed him to make the changes, He changed my priorities and I was no longer satisfied with living that way. I wanted to live His way. And as the priorities, it became easier to accept what He had done with me. It’s just all entrusting Him.”

A Story of Hope and Acceptance

During the middle part of the interview, Marie Tombow emphasizes that it’s not always easy even after you decide to make the decision to go back to God. She notes that at first she was really scared because she felt that she’s been lost for a long time. Marie admits to being tested multiple times and there have been certain moments early in her journey that she would cry and pray for support. Since then, her faith has grown and never strayed back to her old ways.

One crucial part of this interview is clarifying a certain misconception that because Rev. Marie Tombow decided to abandon her life of being a lesbian doesn’t mean that she is condemning the gay community. On the contrary, Marie Tombow and the book wishes to extend tolerance, acceptance, and respect to individuals regardless of their orientation, background, and history.

Soon enough, Jacobus learned to live apart from his twin. His adventures at sea taught him to embrace his new family and to love unconditionally. He also developed his own values as well as encounter new adventures and romance.

The interview ends with Rev. Marie Tombow reminding the audience that there is always hope and that faith heals. On a parting note, she reiterates her mission of helping broken people heal and find hope.

With host Kate Delaney, Rev. Marie Tombow takes the listeners to a peek of her own story and why she is determined to share this with other people, hopefully, to inspire them. Rev. Marie Tombow’s Neither Do I Condemn You is her second book and focuses more on families, loved ones, as well as friends both in and out in the gay community.

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