Sam Bleicher, the author of the science fiction Guardians of the Solar Shield (Strategic Path Press; 2021), was featured on the most recent episode of America Tonight’s “Author’s Corner,” where he was interviewed by Kate Delaney.

This book tells the story about political pressure, corruption, romance, intrigue, and murder in defense of the UN Solar Shield’s 480 mirrors, which are designed to reduce the excessive warming of the Earth. The protagonist of the novel, Kelly O’Rourke, a UN Solar Shield Officer who helps mitigate climate disruption, soon discovers political pressures to abuse the Project’s capabilities. A hard-to-put-down sci-fi novel that’s witty, thought-provoking with a remarkably well-written plot that uncovers a horde of shocking revelations.

America Tonight with Kate Delaney featuring Sam Bleicher.

With the author’s experience in his work as a senior official in the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, and Department of State; as a law firm partner and lobbyist; and as a law professor in the US, China, and Russia. He wrote a science fiction novel about climate change to help people understand the effects on the subject and how to deal with it if such a situation arose. Sam realized this after talking to people, writing about the subject, and reading to people about climate change for decades. 

He said, “I realize I’m talking to the same people, and most of the public doesn’t really understand what the situations are and what circumstances they face.” Which is why he thought maybe if he wrote a novel, it would reach a different kind of audience.

What can people get from reading “Guardians Of The Shield”?

Aside from educating the people or readers about climate change, Sam’s purpose of writing the Guardian Of The Solar Shield does not end there. His novel also helps people think of the vague version of the future that is more like the present world but worse than what people are experiencing now. He hopes that people can open their minds to thinking about the future differently.

But, unfortunately, people think of it as something that cannot be determined. In fact, “…a lot of studies show that people have a very hard time envisioning the future than the past,” he said. He describes how people see a completely complex world in the past, but in the future, they come up with stick figures, which is one problem. 

 The other problem is people don’t like change, especially if it’s unpredictable. What people want is stability, especially in the United States, where at least half of the population is relatively well off. In other words, “there more on the protective mode, than in the experimental mode” Sam remarked. 

Yeah, it’s interesting how you could draw so much on your experiences, from being a lobbyist to a law professor in China, Russia, and, of course, the United States. With all of your environmental experience, you were probably working and seeing things that none of us knew about a long time ago.” Kate commented.

Well, actually when I was in the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, the Carter Administration which was in the late 1970s. They were already talking about the problem.” Sam answered. He discussed how scientists, notably geologists and climatologists, perceived it as a long slow process that we might have to deal with at some point, and how the government’s answer at that time was, “Fine, we will deal with it when it arises.” 

And “that’s part of what I think our problem is now,” he said. 

“Was it fun for you to write this novel?” Kate asked.

Well, yes, I have never written anything like a novel,” Sam answered. He explains how he had always been writing legal paperwork, policies on what to do, and abstract theories, which most people don’t read.

“Most people are not interested in reading an abstract document,” he added, which is why he decided to write a novel about climate change in the first place simply because it’s a different level of motivation, more of a curiosity from the reader than you’ll find in a scientific document.

A Must-Read Book for New Readers and Avid Sci-Fi Fans to read

When most authors try to venture into the fantastic world of Sci-Fi/Fantasy, the plot seems too absurd, but in Sam Bleicher’s book Guardians Of The Solar Shield, the plot appears to be a reliable continuation of the current reality.

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