Early this year, ReadersMagnet launched Authors’ Lounge, an open program to build a community for authors who want to share their stories with fellow authors and the rest of the online world. Let’s take a look at how far Authors’ Lounge has come since it first started.

In the opening months of 2019, ReadersMagnet wanted to further demonstrate their commitment to authors by providing a free platform for all writers to share their ideas and materials to fellow authors, readers, and to the rest of the online literary community.

By April, launched Authors’ Lounge through ReadersMagnet.club, one of ReadersMagnet’s microsites. It began with a number of RM-published authors who registered and submitted articles, usually related to their published works. Along with other features such as Author of the Week, Weekly Quotes, Book of the Week, Trailer of the Week, and Weekend News, approved featured articles filled the site and soon caught the attention of other authors, especially those who are self-published and are trying to increase their online visibility and market reach.

A Growing Community

In order for an article to be published, authors must first register and submit their materials for approval by the site admin. While ReadersMagnet aims to publish as many articles as possible, house rules were set in order to ensure that relevant materials are shared by the community.

Since April, over 300 authors and writers have registered in Authors’ Lounge. While most of them are new to this kind of engagement, the response is heartwarming. Over the course of a few months, more than 340 featured articles have been published. Articles ranged from title backgrounders, mini book introductions, opinions on topics related to published materials, and even excerpts from their books.

Reaching Out to Other Communities

Submissions and publication of these articles enable not only the authors but also ReadersMagnet to reach other audience. Authors’ Lounge allowed authors to not only share their articles in their respective sites and in ReadersMagnet.club but also in social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and even in LinkedIn. Through this exposure, writers and authors are given the chance to also build their reputation as serious literary figures. ReadersMagnet successfully lends its brand and its voice to their stories.

Aside from their articles, authors are also able to enjoy other free services. Some of these authors were featured as Authors of the Week. Each week, the site also features one published title as its Book of the Week. These two features afford authors further exposure for their books as well as for themselves.

By doing these programs, ReadersMagnet is also cementing its reputation as a self-publishing company and more importantly, a true publishing partner.

Today, Authors’ Lounge and the whole ReadersMagnet.club continues to reach out to other groups and individuals. Currently, ReadersMagnet hopes to initiate ReadersMagnet discussions to online literary communities such as goodreads.com. This will provide more venue for ReadersMagnet and authors to share their ideas and other relevant topics for discussions.

ReadersMagnet is a self-publishing company that is committed to sharing stories with the world. Right now, they need help in reaching out to other online communities. By clicking the link above, you are giving ReadersMagnet a chance to further lend a voice to authors they represent.