ReadersMagnet Review takes a look at Anne Davey Kooman’s memoir entitled Beyond Barriers.

Writing memoirs or biography for our loved ones is perhaps one of the most beautiful ways we can pay homage to them. It is not just simply remembering their life but also sharing with others how their lives have made an impact on others. It is also a celebration of their extraordinary journey in life. In most cases, memoirs and biographies can also serve as inspiration for those who are left behind. It can be that the deceased person’s work and values as left us with wisdom and strength to pursue life’s lofty goals. Such is Anne Davey Koomans’s biography for his late husband, Dave Davey. Today, ReadersMagnet Review will take a closer look at Dave’s life and journey through the eyes of his wife, Anne.

Beyond Barriers: A Wife’s Remembrance

Beyond Barriers is a 2016 biography written by Anne Davey Koomans for her late husband David “Dave” Davey. David Davey was a polio victim, a public servant, and an advocate for persons with disabilities. He has served several institutions throughout his lifetime, worked with public and political figures, and has inspired numerous individuals and organizations to work and lobby for people with special needs. More importantly, to his family, he was an extraordinary father and a loving husband. It is a story that highlights God’s purpose on David’s life by Anne Davey Koomans.

Beyond Barriers covers his early childhood until his final battle with pneumonia. Dave contracted polio at a very young age. He was only twelve years old when David survived nine months in the hospital and survived polio. Despite the challenges, David pursued college and attended Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. It was there that he heard his calling. Dave continued his studies while realizing his life’s meaning and mission. Later on, he went to embrace God’s purpose for him. Dave set out to become an instrument for others.

David “Dave” Davey: A Life of Public Service

In Anne’s book, she shares the story of how Dave was instrumental in changing the mission of Goodwill Industries. Goodwill Industries is one of the largest American nonprofit 501 organizations that gives job training, employment placement services, and other community-based programs for those who have barriers preventing them from otherwise getting a job. Before, Goodwill was just known as a large resale business. Now, they are one the champions for people with disabilities.

David Davey is also known for partnering with the late Senator Bob Dole. Together with Dole, Davey worked tirelessly on the National Barrier-Free Architectural and Transportation Board. These campaigns and efforts would lead to the development of the Americans with Disabilities Act in 1990. This would be one of the milestones in achieving numerous rights and accommodations for citizens with disabilities and special needs. It covers anti-discrimination, employment, transportation, as well as miscellaneous provisions.

David Davey retired from Goodwill after four decades of service. He passed away due to respiratory failure associated with pneumonia five years after his retirement.

One of the highlights of Anne Davey Kooman’s biography of her late husband Dave is the beautiful narrative of their life as a couple. In this book, Anne shares not only David’s personal journey but theirs as well. Through the numerous trips, shared moments, and photographs, Anne shows her readers what it is like to live with Dave. Anne shares countless memories. Most of them have something to do with their trips abroad and private moments.

Overall, Beyond Barriers is a unique and heartwarming tale that celebrates not only one man’s extraordinary journey in life as someone with a disability but also a tribute to his passion, dedication, and love for humanity and his family. As written by his wife, the story of David Davey will inspire us to live with gratitude, hope, and inspiration.

About Anne Davey Koomans

Anne Davey Koomans was born in 1973 and the youngest of six children. She was raised in a family of storytellers and developed a love for writing at a very young age. Aside from writing, she is also active in speaking at church activities and retreats. Anne’s passions also include volunteering, photograph, and traveling abroad.

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