Beyond Mere Belief is an attempt by Greg Van Arsdale to further enlighten readers about the concept of dual-energy, taking science to another level then merging it with theology to achieve one universal concept- Humanity’s end goal.

Beyond Mere Belief by Greg Van Arsdale is a revolutionary book that tackles both science and theology in the hopes of providing answers to many questions that often the Church ignores or respond with “just believe” or “we’re not supposed to understand”. It is an attempt to liberate the mind from these traditional, preconceived notions that limit us from pursuing scientific knowledge. Here, author Greg Van Arsdale gives his readers an overview of the concept of dual-energy. Despite not being a popular topic, Van Arsdale discussed dual-energy (atomic energy and dark energy). Dark energy is also referred to as ethereal energy and its existence has been proven just recently (1999). This is crucial in Van Arsdale’s attempt to explain the dual nature of man. He opens the reader’s mind to the dual-energy concept by laying a 32-point brief point of discussion which is easy to digest. 

What makes Greg Van Arsdale’s Beyond Mere Belief revolutionary is not only the idea of challenging the long-standing scientific beliefs on quantum physics, but more importantly his comprehensive approach to understanding various theological concepts, issues, and established “postulates” of the Christian church. In the preceding chapters of the book, Van Arsdale takes us to the discussion of the atomic energy (Chapter 2: The Human Domain), the relationship of the soul, the mind, and spirit (Chapter 3: Of Soul and Spirit), and navigates deeper into Christian laws and concepts (Chapters 4-9). Here, author Greg Van Arsdale presents brief but concise discussions about God, Jesus, Sin, and the Creation. Van Arsdale deals with these topics comprehensively and with resourcefulness.

“Realizing a non-atomic form of energy exists presents the exciting reality of life beyond this mortal existence. Since the soul is made of energy and energy cannot be destroyed only altered in form (a fundamental law of Nature), it makes a direct implication about life beyond the atomic level. Existence beyond this realm is not only possible, it is inevitable. The presence of ethereal-energy justifies a more thorough investigation into the illusion we call the atomic reality. There is something beyond the atomic realm—96% more. With that much of the Universe of the ethereal realm, it should be obvious that we live in a mere subset of the true reality. Our observable Universe is not the real thing. The true reality lies in what we cannot see. Question is, what is there? What can’t we see? A realm containing the unification of our life form? The next step in human development? The transition from an atomic-energy animal sharing the atomic and ethereal energies to a pure energy being? Heaven? The new Earth? Isn’t that our goal, to be totally complete beings upon our bodily death? We strive, we hope for living in that other level of Reality (that is, God’s Being). Right now, we only share those energies. That is to say, we have all the ingredients to be complete (atomic, soul, and spirit energies) but not yet whole while living a mortal life upon this rock. To be completed into Unity, there is only one way to do this.” – excerpt from the discussion, Is There Live Beyond This Realm, Chapter 3: Of Soul and Spirit

The second half of the book focuses on the scriptures. Greg Van Arsdale shares his deep knowledge of the bible and its texts, discussing the end times, one true faith, and the four gospels of the New Testament. Van Arsdale presents an essential discussion on the writings from each of the gospel. Readers should find chapters 12 to 15 as very important junctures in Greg Van Arsdale’s Beyond Mere Belief, for they shed a light on many of today’s questions and debate. The last four chapters offer practical knowledge to those who want an in-depth analysis of these four gospels. In these chapters, readers will discover and re-discover many touchpoints of the gospels. 

Greg Van Arsdale ends his book with a chapter dedicated to scientific questions about the universe. These sorts of FAQs are organized and explained so that readers will be able to understand them easily. From questions related to dark energy to discussions about universal particles, Greg Van Arsdale answers them clearly and concisely.

Overall, Beyond Mere Belief is a powerhouse read. It is written in a way that readers with average knowledge of physics and religion will be able to comprehend. The chapters are arranged to that we can navigate clearly through various topics whether it’s the science or the scriptures. It covers many issues that some controversial and many of which are unfamiliar or not often discussed. Though others might find the book too lengthy, it is without a doubt a must-read book, not only for those who are seeking scientific answers but also for those who want to pursue a deeper understanding of God and the Bible. Beyond Mere Belief is not a book that you would take for granted. It requires time, focus, and from time to time, other references should be standing nearby (you may want to have a Bible or the latest science journals next to you). Nonetheless, Greg Van Arsdale’s Beyond Mere Belief is one unforgettable and remarkable read, to say the least. There is a certain level of gravitas in Greg Van Arsdale that is present from the beginning until the end that will make you think a lot about what he says in this book long after you’ve finished reading it.

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