ReadersMagnet Review features the recently published book, Bipolar Chronicles: From Crazed to Content by Diana Grippo.

Millions of people worldwide suffer from depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and other mental health issues. Most of their journey is left undocumented. However, some have found the courage to tell and share their stories and struggles and triumph in the hopes of telling others that they too can overcome the obstacles and find the path to self-forgiveness and healing. Today, ReadersMagnet Review features one such journey- Bipolar Chronicles: From Crazed to Content by Diana Grippo.

Bipolar Chronicles: From Crazed to Content by Diana Grippo

Bipolar Chronicles: From Crazed to Content by Diana Grippo is a memoir and a self-help guidebook for those suffering from anxiety and depression. In this book, Diana Grippo shares her journey from going crazy and surviving various ordeals and then eventually overcoming life’s hurdles and returning to a more normal and peaceful life. Bipolar Chronicles is a story of how one woman struggled and dealt with hallucinations, delusions, depression, and even substance abuse. Grippo confessed how she gets better only to relapse and how this destructive cycle continued for many years. She recalls living on the streets and her seemingly never-ending trips in and out of hospitals. One day, Diana found the courage to finally turn her fate around. Determined to heal, she embraced The Twelve Steps, music therapy, and Dialectical Behavior Therapy.

Below is an excerpt of the book description from her website:

Diana discovered how to combat her depression with three major coping mechanisms: a spiritual path, music therapy, and Dialectical Behavior Therapy. In this inspiring book, she tells how she went from living on the streets to working as a sales rep for Apple, bringing hope and education to those suffering and their loved ones.

Bipolar Chronicles: From Crazed to Content will help you:

  • Spot the signs of potential mental health illness in a loved one
  • Find options for coping with depression
  • Keep a positive mindset even when it feels like the world is crashing down on you
  • Feel less alone and isolated in your journey to healing
  • Support and assist a loved one who is suffering

Overall, Bipolar Chronicles: From Crazed to Content by Diana Grippo is a remarkable and inspiring book filled with lessons and guides not only for those currently dealing with manic depression and anxiety but also for those who want to extend a helping hand for them. It is a light and riveting read that is worth checking out.

About Diana Grippo

Diana Grippo is an author, a former teacher, and currently working for Apple. Grippo holds a Degree in Economics from UCLA. She got her Teaching Credential at the Dominican University of CA. Before joining Apple in 2012, Diana Grippo taught high school English, Psychology, and Computer Applications for several decades. 

Diana Grippo has been dealing with bipolar disorder for more than thirty years, from manias to depressions. Her story and journey are the subject of her book, Bipolar Chronicles: From Crazed to Content, where she shares practical techniques on tips of coping skills for both depressed and manic and those caring for people with such conditions.

Grippo also ran a mentor program called Youth Outreach Media Mentor Program (YOMMP.) YOMMP taught and trained students to write, storyboard, direct, edit, shoot and produce shorts, documentaries, and feature films. With their help and guidance, students chose a passionate cause, and after the production wrapped, they created action, and activism plans to further their cause.

Diana Grippo currently works in Palo Alto, California. She lives in Mountain View with her cat, Lucky. Her book, Bipolar Chronicles: From Crazed to Content, is available on Amazon.

To know more about Diana Grippo and her book, purchase a copy or visit her author’s website today.