Book trailers play an important role in every book marketing campaign. They are able to effectively reach thousands of target audience in just a short span of time. They also easily attract interest because people appreciate visuals, especially videos or moving images. However, not all authors know how to shoot their own book trailers. They rely on getting professional help in producing trailers for their books.



These are trailer videos with a playing time of 30 seconds maximum. It features the 1920×1080 resolution. The package allows 1 revision or video edit. Other features include stock music, stock video/image, and the necessary sound effects. Video distribution is for social media, bookmarking websites as well as genre-specific sites.


The Cinematic Standard Package has a maximum playing time of 60 seconds. It also features the same number of video edits and resolution as the Teaser package. Stock music, stock video or photos, sound effects, and script are included in this package, with the addition of a professional voice over. The video will also be posted on social media platforms, bookmarking sites, and genre-specific sites.


Book trailers with 90 seconds playing time fall under the Cinematic Deluxe package. Like the Teaser and the Cinematic Standard, it offers the 1920×1080 resolution. Stock music, stock video and photos, sound effects, scriptwriting, and professional voiceover are all included in the package. As for video edits, this package allows two revisions or video editions. Subscribers will also be able to enjoy the 2D or 3D service features.


This package has the same features as the Cinematic Standard except that it has 30 seconds playing time maximum. Aside from the usual video distribution package, subscribers will also enjoy a 30-day YouTube Advertising.


For those who have their book trailers, they can avail the Advertising Package. This is a 30-day YouTube advertising along with the video distribution package. There is no specific time requirement for videos but given the principle that book trailers are typically 30-90 seconds long, submitted book trailers should fall within that said duration.

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