ReadersMagnet Review recommends these five interesting books about being single, happy, and contented.

Going Solo By Eric Klinenberg

Going Solo: The Extraordinary Rise and Surprising Appeal of Living Alone is the complete title of Eric Klinenberg’s 2012 autobiography. A Professor of Sociology and Director of the Institute for Public Knowledge at New York University, Klinenberg has published several books about society and culture. In his book, Going Solo, he shares his observations and encounters of living alone. He shows us that many single dwellers, no matter the age, are active in their social and civic life. With over three hundred interviews, Klineberg presents to us substantial evidence that living alone is, in fact, beneficial to our physical and mental well-being.

The Two Sides of Being Single by Wayne Drayton

The Two Sides of Being Single: A Biblical Perspective is a Christian book for the faithful who are flying solo by Drayton. It was published in 2018. Wayne Dayton is a deacon and Adult Sunday School teacher at Biblical House of God Holiness Church in North Charleston, SC, and lives a single Christian life. His book is divided into two essential parts. The first part tackles how to maintain a single Christian life. Here, Drayton draws from personal experience and offers advice on remaining steadfast and committed to God. The second part is for those still single but waiting for God’s plan and the right time for them to find their life partner. The Two Sides of Being Single is a light and delightful read written from a spiritual perspective.

It’s Not You: 27 (Wrong) Reasons You’re Single by Sara Eckel

Sara Eckel’s 2014 book It’s Not You: 27 (Wrong) Reasons You’re Single is perhaps one of the popular self-help books published in the last decade. It is based on the popular Modern Love columns of the 2010s. In her book, Sara Eckel’provides answers to some of the myths about why a person is single. The book seeks to inspire and remind single individuals not to be too hard on themselves. It’s Not You offers ways to help better understand oneself and the many factors why a person remains single. Moreover, Sara Eckel gives us the idea that being single can be a choice that is worth celebrating.

Spinster: Making A Life Of One’s Own by Kate Bolick

Spinster: Making A Life Of One’s Own is a 2015 non-fiction book by journalist and cultural critic Kate Bolick. In Spinster, Bolick reveals some of the pleasures and possibilities of remaining single base mainly on her encounters and experiences. She reveals that more and more women are choosing to live a single and independent life. In her book, she also introduces some of the empowered women living solo, including columnist Neith Boyce, essayist Maeve Brennan, social visionary Charlotte Perkins Gilman, poet Edna St. Vincent Millay, and novelist Edith Wharton. Spinster is a witty, light, and funny read that single women and those undecided will genuinely enjoy and appreciate.

Living Alone and Loving it by Barbara Feldon

Almost two decades after it was published, Living Alone and Loving It by celebrity author Barbara Feldon remains a relevant read for those who want to be inspired about living a single life. The book serves as a prescriptive guide that provides readers tips and examples of genuinely embracing a life that does not include a partner. Drawing from her own experience, Feldon shares how she handles loneliness, occasional fears, and answers to some of the standard and unique questions raised on living a solo but happy life. Living Alone and Loving It is a practical guide regardless of your gender, sexuality, and background. It is a book filled with rich lessons and valuable wisdom.