ReadersMagnet Review takes a close look at Doris Lance’s fantastic picture book, Botanical Reflections: Capture Your Days in Words and Pictures.

Have you seen an inspirational book that is also an educational and entertaining book? Have you seen a coloring book and, at the same time, a Bible-inspired book that allows you to learn more about the Word of God? It is not every day that we encounter such unique work of literature. And yet nature lover, photographer, and author Doris Lance came up with one. The book is entitled Botanical Reflections: Capture Your Days in Words and Pictures, and today we will take a closer look at the said masterpiece.

Botanical Reflections: Capture Your Days in Words and Pictures by Doris Lance

“With life’s ups and downs, Botanical Reflections can be the prescription for you to help your days be more enjoyable. Explore feelings, reduce anxiety, and reconcile emotional conflicts when you purchase and use this book to answer a daily question, read an inspiring quote, and express your creativity.”

Botanical Reflections: Capture Your Days in Words and Pictures is a 2019 book by hiker and wildflower photographer Doris Lance. It features wonderful flowers that young children can color. The 54-page coloring book measures 8.5 x 0.15 x 8.5 inches and weighs 5.3 ounces, making it easy to carry wherever you go. But it is not your ordinary coloring book. Doris is an expert hiker and has witnessed nature’s wonders and majestic beauty. Throughout her numerous trek and nature walks, Doris has seen rare and beautiful flowers. The flowers featured in Doris Lance’s Botanical Reflections pages are the rare floras she encountered during her long walks. Many of them can only grow in remote locations, perhaps in high mountains and dense forests. The flowers are drawn intricately with details that children will enjoy rendering in various colors.

Botanical Reflections: Capture Your Days in Words and Pictures is both an inspirational book and an educational book as well. Lance’s picture book also serves as a journal book with spaces to write your thoughts and realizations. It is designed in a creative way to inspire readers to listen to God’s word and express themselves. 

Botanical Reflections is divided into two parts. Its left pages contain a question, a blank space for you to answer, and at the bottom of the page is an excerpt or a quote from the Bible. For example, page 1 contains the question, “What do you wish you had more time to do?”, then space is allocated for your answer, and below it is a line from the Proverbs 27:19 NIV, “As water reflects the face, so one’s life reflects the heart.” The pages on the right side feature each feature illustration of a beautifully drawn flower.

Botanical Reflections: Capture Your Days in Words and Pictures by Doris Lance is a light read but inspiring and entertaining at the same time. It is a must-have book for those who love wildflowers and art and those who want to be inspired by words from the Bible.

About Doris Lance

Doris “avidhiker2” Lance is an author, hiker, and photographer. Her passion includes wildflowers and long walks. Doris Lance has logged thousands of miles as a hiker, including trekking from below sea level in Death Valley to over 11,000 feet in Patagonia, Chile. As an author, Lance published her book Botanical Reflections in 2019. She recently participated in ReadersMagnet’s first-ever virtual book fair, The Festival of Storytellers, which ran from April 23-25 and April 30-May 02, 2021. Doris is currently an instructor at Cuesta College’s Emeritus Program in California.

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