ReadersMagnet Review features Carol Wilson-Mack and revisits her literary journey and recent projects.

Carol Wilson-Mack is an author, nurse, and educator. Her literary journey includes being a poet, a playwright, and a writer for television. ReadersMagnet has already featured Carol Wilson-Mack and her works, most specifically her published masterpiece, Patchwork: Conversations Between Generations.

Study and Early Years

Carol Wilson-Mack is originally from Bamberg, South Carolina, where she was born and raised. Wilson-Mack worked as a Registered Professional Nurse and later on served as an educator in the Healthcare Industry. Carol Wilson-Mack holds a Master’s Degree in Communication from the New York Institute of Technology. In 2016, she obtained her Doctorate of Divinity obtained from the Open Bible Way College in Greenville, South Carolina. Dr. Arthur Belanger, the famous Podiatry Specialist, was instrumental in helping Carol Wilson-Mack finished her Doctorate study. In addition, the Open Bible Way College’s education trained Wilson-Mack to write inspirational scripts. Her interest in writing and literature grew deeper as she attended writing workshops and training. Carol Wilson-Mack became a graduate of the Long Ridge Writers Group. Long Ridge Writers Group or the Institute for Writers, a renowned educational institution for aspiring writers and authors, is based in Connecticut.

Writing and the Arts

Carol Wilson-Mack’s literary journey is a collection of rich experiences and milestones. Involvement in various fields of the arts and creative writing helped Carol established herself as a serious writer. Scriptwriting is one of the areas Carol worked on while she was just starting up. She wrote numerous scripts for stage plays and films. Eventually, some of her authored scripts saw production around Newark, New Jersey, and Baldwin and the Bronx, New York. 

Carol Wilson-Mack served as the writer and artistic director of the now-defunct television show “Woman of The Week,” which was on air for more than ten years. The cable show featured ordinary women doing extraordinary things. The show was highly praised and, in 1994, was given the CAPE award (Cable Award for Programming Excellence). 

Carol Wilson-Mack also ventured into production. She worked on Samuel French’s plays, including “Sly Fox,” a play about a scheming, rapacious miser. Wilson-Mack also directed the following plays; Smokey Joe’s Cafe” in 2013 and “Ain’t Misbehavin” in 2017.

Wilson-Mack produced several recordings in the world of music, mostly gospel music featuring Stella Bobina and a recording with the late poet and writer’s reading words, George Edward Tait. Carol Wilson-Mack’s debut book in 2013, Fan Loyalty, is a tribute to a late rhythm and blues superstar Brook Benton. She was one of Carol’s music idols.

Publishing Patchwork

In 2020, Patchwork: Conversations Between Generations was released. It is Carol Wilson-Mack’s is her latest masterpiece. Patchwork features the inspiring story of African-American women who are residing in rural Bamberg, South Carolina. From 1939 to 1959, this group of God-centered women established an active community. The art of quilting became a venue for these remarkable women to gather together and share challenging and inspiring stories, histories, and everything in between. The women in the community came is composed of different generations. As quilting was a major livelihood, it allowed them to help their families. But the quilting community evolved into something more. It became a venue for women of different ages, backgrounds, and generations to share their ideas and experiences. It became a platform for solidarity and empowerment. Patchwork highlights the value of stories and the importance of listening and understanding in building good communication between generations. It is, to date, Carol Wilson-Mack’s most relevant work.

Carol Wilson-Mack’s accomplishments are nothing short of stellar, yet the empowered woman and artist are just beginning her literary journey. We expect more remarkable and significant works that will provide both wisdom and inspiration, not only to women but also to the whole reading community.