Teaching kids about seasons is a lot enjoyable with these children’s books on seasons.

Children’s illustrated books are not only for entertainment. More than anything, these brightly colored books serve as effective educational materials for pre-school kids and young readers. They introduce values, ideas, and basic knowledge. Picture books are most efficient because they show and explain to readers what the book is all about. Explaining scientific facts and natural phenomena is a lot easier with the help of illustrated books. Below are books that help explain to young readers the different seasons in a year. 

The Little Island by Margaret Wise Brown

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Margaret Wise Brown was a children’s book author and best known for her books Goodnight Moon and The Runaway Bunny. In 1946, Doubleday released her picture book The Little Island. It is one of the most popular children’s books about nature. The story is set on a little island in the middle of a vast ocean as the seasons come and go. The main character of the book is a kitten who wonders if there is a world beyond the small island. Although the theme includes faith, Brown highlights the changing seasons and how each season is part of a natural cycle.

Books on Seasons by Gabriella Eva Nagy

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Gabriella Eva Nagy is a children’s book author. Gabriella has written and published more than a dozen illustrated books with various themes. In 2017, Gabriella Eva Nagy published four children’s illustrated books on seasons. These are Winter Dreams (January), Rustle of Spring (May), Summer Breeze (August), and the Autumn Rainbows (October). Each book displays the unique features of a particular season. Rustle of Spring contains bright and colorful images showing the beauty of the spring season. Summer Breeze is a voyage of discovery of summer delights. The first book Winter Dreams invites readers to an adventure in the winter wonderland. Autumn Rainbows showcases the splendor of autumn. All Gabriella Eva Nagy books contain illustrations by Nagy herself.

Snow Rabbit, Spring Rabbit by Il Sung Na

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Il Sung Na is originally from South Korea. He studied illustration at Kingston University in London. In 2007, Il Sung Na published his first book A Book of Sleep which talks about how different animals sleep. His third book Snow Rabbit, Spring Rabbit was published in 2013. Filled with rich illustrations, charming animals, and a simple, lyrical text, Snow Rabbit, Spring Rabbit explains to young readers how animals adapt, hibernate, and migrate during the changing of seasons. Il Sung Na is also the author of A Book of Winter, Teacup in A Storm, and The Dreamer.

Our Seasons by Grace Lin and Ranida McKneally

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Our Seasons is an illustrated children’s book published in 20017. It is co-authored by Ranida McKneally and Grace Lin. McKneally provided the illustrations in the book. We follow Ki-ki, Owen, Lily, and Kevin through the year as they explore the four seasons. Cheerful haiku accompany season-related questions and answers about weather, the natural world, and the human body. Find out why we have seasons and how they vary around the world.

Goodbye Autumn, Hello Summer by Kenard Pak

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Goodbye Autumn, Hello Summer is a unique illustrated book that celebrates the changing of seasons. The book is Kenard Pak’s first attempt to writing and illustrating a children’s book. What makes this read a bit different from other books that feature seasons is that Pak focuses on the natural world but also gives us a glimpse of the city life with illustrations of diverse townspeople. The book is a delightful read, reminding us to appreciate each season.