ReadersMagnet Review features children’s picture books by Luthie M West, creator of Little Cabbagehead Books.

Luthie M West is an artist, actor, director, and teacher. She is the author of the fantasy book Spiritdancer: The Blade of Baresi. West is best known as a children’s book author and the creator of Little Cabbagehead Books. Today, ReadersMagnet Review presents the children’s picture books by Luthie M West.

Cat Soup

Cat Soup is a 2017 fairy tale written in a traditional fashion. The story features a sad princess who has lost a cat. A valiant prince hero hopes to retrieve the missing cat and claim a kingdom reward for those who can do so. However, the prince must overcome a villainous ogre who derails the entire search. Cat Soup is a traditional fairy tale of prince and princess but with a surprising comic twist that involves problem-solving through give and take. Designed for four-year-old and above readers, Cat Soup is an unforgettable adventure that children will surely love. Olsi Tola does the illustrations.

Tic Tac and the Raven

In 2017, Tic Tac and the Raven children’s picture adventure book by West was released. It centers on a young mouse named Tic Tac, whose adventure begins when he goes out to gather grain for the first time. He encounters a huge black raven in his pathway, and his imagination gets the better of him. He runs back to the house and shares his scary experience with his family. The next day, he sees the same bird but discovers that the bird is not as frightening as he had imagined. He also learns that the poor thing needs his help. The black raven’s name is Quince, and the two become friends. Tic Tac and the Raven is a fantastic bedtime story for children and even the not-so-young. Piere Giuseppe Giunta did illustrations.

The Bully Frog

Luthie M West’s children’s illustrated books are a joy to read because of the adventures and the fun and because they are rich in values and moral lessons. In her 2018 masterpiece, The Bully Frog, West tackles a social issue through the wonderful story of Weebit the frog. He happily lives in the corner of a swamp. However, The Bully Frog, Brrok, shows up one day and chases Weebit away. Dangers follows Weebit even in the swampland. Weebit realizes that aside from Brrok, the bully frog’s kin are also chasing him. Despite the chasing and bullying, Weebit senses danger. He finds out that an alligator is headed for the bullfrogs. Being a sincere and kind-hearted frog, Weebit decides to alert the bullfrog of the incoming danger.

Laila’s Magic Brush

Laila’s Magic Brush is a 50-page children’s illustrated book that contains 23 brilliantly colored drawings. The short story follows Laila, who wishes to paint the scene from her window to her canvass. She has a magic paintbrush that takes up the colors from the outside world. She goes outside with her magic brush in her quest to color her canvass. Upon returning home, Laila realized that she accidentally removed the colors from the outside world with her magic paintbrush when collecting color for her painting. Worse, Laila has used the color for her whole house. Laila is determined to make things right and restore the colors of the outside world.

Luthie M West children’s picture books guarantee a pleasant and entertaining reading experience as only the excellent storyteller West can accomplish.

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