The sacred scriptures have been called many things: a field guide, a user manual, and even a historical account. However, the scriptures are beyond that; it demonstrates the character of God and His never-ending call for His people. In the Gospels, believers stood witness to how Jesus put the good news in action. And in the prophets, the devoted are enlightened of God’s hopes and desires for His people. Christians receive a powerful promise of God’s fullness and power through the scriptures.  

However, modern-day living has changed Christianity. Losing some powerful principles in the Christian life is one of the results of today’s instant gratification. Skeptics arise with some believers approaching the Christian life differently. People have lost their connection with Christ, and it is only right to bring this connection back. Dr. Jack Hetzel does just this through his enriching and informative book Colossians Verse by Verse. 

The Colossians by Jack Hetzel encourages every Christian to live out their faith in Christ. The Colossians Verse by Verse was struck by the message of the Epistle to the Colossians. This Epistle was written by the Apostle Paul, while in a penitentiary, addressed to the Church in Colossae. The Colossians, which is one of the 27 books of the New Testament, reveals how Christians in the ancient city of Colossae in Asia Minor are encouraged to lead godly lives and never turn away from Jesus. 

Dr. Jack Hetzel brings this message to today’s new generation of Christians who are living a far different life. He wrote, “Hopefully, this (book) will help us to understand what Christian living is really about.” Additionally, the author highlights the role of Jesus, whom Apostle Paul proclaimed to be the supreme power over the entire universe. 

The scriptures within the book of the Colossians are dissected verse by verse to provide a fuller understanding of every significant subject mentioned. The author discusses each major subject by writing an individual note on each subject. The motive in writing the Colossians Verse by Verse is to ingrain powerful concepts and ideas into readers’ minds. 

Dr. Jack Hetzel, in a disclaimer, writes, “Not that I am smarter than the reader, but perhaps placing what knowledge I have of the Bible after sixty-eight years in the ministry, which I consider to be the Word of God, and that the only way to true faith is to believe what is written and to help people see themselves as God sees them.” Nonetheless, Colossians Verse by Verse is an enriching book worth the read. 

About the Author                                                                                                                           

Dr. Jack Hetzel was born in West Monroe, Louisiana, to a faithful Christian mother and reverend father who was a known church planter of several churches in Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, and Arkansas. 

He spent three years serving in the US Army Air Corps, another three years in the US Air Force, and fourteen years in the US Army. He was one of the many soldiers deployed to fight in five major battles in Europe and in the Vietnam War. He retired from his service as a Sergeant First Class and a teacher of Military Science at the A&M University of Texas. 

Following his father’s footsteps, Dr. Hetzel obtained ministerial credentials and became a pastor of the First United Methodist Church of Big Sandy, Texas. He then led a life as a minister. He has ministered in England, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Korea, Japan, Australia, and Ghana. The ministry wasn’t just a vocation for Jack; it is his divine passion: his calling.  Today, almost 100 years old, Dr. Hetzel is a father of three children, a grandfather of nine grandchildren, a great grandfather of nine great-grandchildren, and a great-great-grandfather of six great-great-grandchildren. Dr. Hetzel is a happy man and probably the most blessed man in America.