Come Climb Toward God: Are You Hungry for God by Marianna Albritton is a guide towards building a more meaningful relationship with the Almighty.

Faith is a gift presented to us by God. Some people chose to embrace it, some chose to ignore it. Our daily experiences and how we react to them may strengthen or weaken our faith. Some lose their way and spend their days in doubt and emptiness without the grace of the Lord. Some find their way to God and renew their covenant with Him. Marianna Albritton’s Come Climb Toward God: Are You Hungry for God serves as both guide and invitation to readers to seek God’s unconditional love and to forge a deeper bond with God. Moreover, this amazing book is a testimonial of the author’s commitment and deep devotion to God. 

Come Climb Toward God: An invitation by Albritton

“This is not about being a ‘super Christian.’ It is about being a ‘growing Christian.’ It is about choosing to meet God, serve Him and know in the depths of your heart that Jesus is a real person. He likes nothing as much as having fellowship with you.” 

-Marianna Albritton

Come Climb Toward God: Are You Hungry For God? is a book by Marianna Albritton published in June 2013. It a spiritual book that seeks to guide readers who want to build a deeper relationship with God. 

“Throughout my years of teaching the Bible, I’ve taught the ‘one.’ So, I’m writing to the one who has a hunger to understand the callings of God and to develop a great relationship with Him.”

For author Marianna Albritton, knowing God and acknowledging His presence is the only way to satisfy the deep hunger within our soul. Come Climb Toward God emphasizes the need to know Jesus Christ not only as a historical figure but more importantly, as an entity that is present in our lives and will give us salvation

Come climb Toward God is a book written for those who are hungry for God’s love and grace. Marianna Albritton wrote the book to guide those who are seeking God, those seeking His understanding and for those who want to come back to Him. Come Climb Toward God is written by someone who found God at an early age and never ceases to build a more meaningful relationship with Him. Readers will be inspired by Albritton’s faith and journey with God.

“Albritton writes in a conversational and candid tone that endears readers to her. She creatively uses metaphor in her text… Readers will appreciate the earnestly conveyed information in these pages.” – BlueInk Review

Marianna Albritton

Marianna Albritton was born prematurely. During the time of her birth, incubators or NICUs (neonatal intensive care units) were not yet available. The attending physician was not sure of Marianna’s survival. Thankfully, she did. Marianna considers it as a miracle and has always considered God as the central force in her life.

After high school, Marianna decided to attend Southeastern Junior Collge in Laurel Mississippi for a two-year Bible Study program. The program gave her a good foundation for advanced Bible study.

Marianna Albritton began writing in school. She once submitted an essay for the Church Association which held a contest with the theme “Why young people are important in the work of the local church?” Her entry won the said contest. Marianna’s essay was read during the Association’s meeting. It was the start of her literary journey. Marianna developed a desire to write on the subject of helping other people get acquainted with God. Marianna devoted her time writing Sunday school class publications and Church magazines. She decided to use her talent as a writer to inspire other people to seek God.