Daughters of Twilight is a dark fantasy-fiction from author Collette Jackson-Fink.

Fantasy fiction is a sub-genre of fiction that has gained increasing popularity over the past decades. It is characterized by elements of alternate universe, encounters between two, or more worlds, and the existence of strange creatures living together with humans here on Earth, to name a few. The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson, Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, Assassin’s Apprentice by Robin Hobb are some of the latest fantasy fiction that has captured the hearts of many readers both here and abroad. Classic works of fantasy fiction include JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings and C.S. Lewis The Chronicles of NarniaDaughters of Twilight is a 2013 fantasy fiction by Collette Jackson-Fink.

Daughters of Twilight

Daughters of Twilight is a fantasy fiction that features strange characters of ancient origin that disrupt the peace of a small town in Iowa. The little town of Waterloo suddenly burst into life after an earthquake pushed a pyramid up in a cornfield in Blackhawk Country. Suddenly the little town is flooded with media, scientists, and military personnel investigating this mysterious archaeological structure. Named the “Black Tower”, the structure appears to be ancient and dormant.

Soon after, the government sends in elite tactical teams. One of the teams is led by Dane Coles. As the soldiers enter deep into the structure, they found out that strange creatures inhabit the pyramid. They encounter Asia, one of the angelic but warrior-like creatures. Dane Coles’ first encounter with these deadly winged-creatures was antagonistic. However, Asia and Cole get to know more about each other, and an unlikely romance blooms between the two. Cole begins to learn more about the pyramid’s history as well as Asia’s origins. On the other hand, the creature though hesitant begins to acknowledge Cole.

Unbeknownst to Dane, several individuals in authority have different plans for the black pyramid. They see it as a treasure and an opportunity for their own selfish endeavors. Worse, these men in power view the angels as a threat to their plans. Despite being on the opposite sides, Dane Cole and Asia must work together to stop their scheme and avoid a war between two powerful races.

Collette Jackson Fink’s book one of a fantasy-fiction series packs a powerful punch from start to finish. Daughters of Twilight, a fast-paced read blends ancient mysteries, military adventure, and romance. Fink’s black pyramid pushing up the ground after an earthquake hits a little town is a refreshing plot as far as modern urban fantasy fiction goes. There is a powerful element of thrill and sense of invasion, setting off multitudes of inquiries right from start.

The Daughters of Twilight introduces two major characters- Dane Cole and Asia. There are also other interesting characters in the book, particularly from Asia’s side. Dane Cole is a well-trained and experienced elite soldier. Asia is an ancient creature with angel-like features. However, despite her beautiful looks, she is deadly and capable of fighting even the likes of Cole. There are many others like Asia, attractive yet ferocious winged creatures.

These characters will face an insurmountable task of stopping an eccentric CEO of a biochemical company that plans to use all his resources to get what he wants. Up against powerful military weapons and a large army, Cole and Asia must find a way to defeat him and to avoid angering a powerful force that has lay dormant for centuries. Daughters of Twilight provide readers a remarkable build-up of a series that will surely captivate the hearts of modern fantasy-fiction fans. For those who love action-adventure with elements of ancient mysteries, and a love story against all odds, then Collette Jackson Fink’s Daughters of Twilight will prove to be an excellent read. A unique thriller ride, Daughters of Twilight is enchanting, to say the least.

Sons of Twilight

In 2019, Collette Jackson Fink released the sequel to Daughters of Twilight. Sons of Twilight picked up where the first book left. Exiled from the Garden of Eden and on the run, the star-crossed lovers are forced to defend themselves and their twin sons against their enemies, including the Ancient One. Filled with old characters and new plot twists, Sons of Twilight is a must-read sequel.

To know more about Daughters of Twilight, you can check out Collette Jackson Fink’s website today, or buy a copy of her book.

About Collette Jackson Fink

Collette Jackson studied political science and served in the Persian Gulf campaign. She also works as a Respiratory Therapist in a trauma medical center in her hometown of Iowa. Collette Jackson Fink started writing stories since she was only thirteen years old. She lives with her husband Ron, their son Alex, their daughter Ashley, and their four grandchildren.