Deathwind of the Border is a historical novel the frontier and its heroes by Irv Lampman.

The American Frontiers or the Old Wild West is home to many great stories. From the beginning of the 17th century up to 1912, the history of American expansion was defined by the struggles, war, diplomacy, trade, and engagements with various parties including the French, British, and the Native American. It also gave rise to legends such as Billy the Kid, Calamity Jane, Buffalo Bill, and Jesse James. There are also those heroes who are often overlooked in history which includes sharpshooter Annie Oakley also known as “Little Miss Sure Shot” and Lew Wetzel, both from Ohio. ReadersMagnet takes a look at a book that features one of the country’s greatest frontiersman, scout, and peace negotiator, Lewis Wetzel. 

Deathwind of the Border by Irv Lampman

Deathwind of the Border is a Western historical novel by Irv Lampman. It was published ten years ago and features a narrative based on the life and times of Lewis Wetzel. The novel is set during one of the turbulent times of the American Frontier (1700s). Lewis Wetzel or Lewis recognized as one of the greatest frontiersmen in the history of America. He is also nicknamed “Deathwind of the Border” because of his fierceness. He is notorious for going after sadistic white renegades known as Gargoyles. Lew also engaged the Native American Indians. His battles and skirmishes against the savages were brutal. In this book, readers will come to know more about his exploits in the frontier. As one of America’s pioneers, Wetzel fought alongside another famous compatriot, Jonathan Zane. The Zane brothers are famous for their bravery in fighting British-allied Native Indians. Deathwind of the Border is inspired by their courage and adventures, especially that of Lew who is famous for his skill with a long rifle and a tomahawk.

“He was known as “Deathwind of the Border” because of his dedication and ferocity in the pursuit of Native American Indians and sadistic white renegades — known as Gargoyles. Wetzel was one of America’s first notable pioneers. He was a compatriot of Jonathan Zane (ancestor of famed novelist Zane Grey). Wetzel’s skill with a long rifle and tomahawk was unmatched; he had near-perfect aim and was even able to reload while running after his target.” (excerpt from book description)

The Famous Frontiersman

Irv Lampman’s book is based on Lewis Wetzel who was born on July 19, 1765. The Wetzel family settled in Ohio River, about 14 miles from the famous Fort Henry. Lew’s earliest encounter with the savage Indians took place when he was only 13 years old. The Native Indian raided their cornfield and took him and his brother prisoner. He would later escape. This was a turning point in young Lew’s life. He grew up to be a fine warrior and a patriot. His style of fighting is similar to what is now known today as Guerilla Warfare. In his later life, however, Lewis got involved in controversial deaths. Despite this, he is most remembered as a great scout and warrior as evidence by his equally famous monicker, the Deathwind of the Border.

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About Irv Lampman

Irv Lampman, or known as Big Irv was born in Deerfield, Wisconsin. He grew up on a small farm east of Madison. He is pretty much a household name in his community, being a Nashville artist, and now a published author. Irv Lampman spent many years producing and singing country music. As for writing Western fiction, it was his mother who introduced them to Wild West stories. Irv Lampman currently has three published books to his name.