Is instant gratification too slow for you?  Or maybe you’re the other way around: you can work patiently on a project for years. Ms. Moschak calls these two types of people “instants” and “constants”, and they almost always marry each other. And then drive each other crazy!

Different Drummers by Margaret Moschak is a fantastic book that can provide meaningful answers to your questions about these differences between people. The spark for this excellent idea for a book began when Ms. Moschak noticed her parents’ differences in personality, which caused increasing problems between them. This book is the product of several years of observing instants and constants; Ms. Moschak has noticed some fascinating characteristics of both.

This informative book is written in a narrative that is easy flowing, allowing readers to understand it better. The examples are compelling; with the various examples written in there, it is impossible not to relate to one of them. This conflict of personalities not only happens between husband and wife, but also between parent and child, at work and play, and in all other types of relationships. This book can give you many examples of these problems that cover different areas of life, from the way we cook to the way we dress. If you have persistent problems with someone in your life, whether your parents or your significant other, this book can help you.

Sometimes, we cannot avoid being put down or ridiculed when we cannot measure up to others’ expectations; thus, understanding one another is essential to stop these cruelties.  Henry David Thoreau reminds us that if a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it’s because he hears a different drummer. Ms. Moschak helps readers to see that the people around you are not acting to irritate you; perhaps it’s just that they are marching to a different drumbeat.