ReadersMagnet Review features Dr. Eric Alsterberg and revisits his extraordinary works on spirituality.

Dr. Eric Alsterberg is no stranger to ReadersMagnet. For over a year now, we have featured his works and ideas. Best known for his remarkable book Healing and Transformation: Moving From Ordinary to Extraordinary book, Dr. Eric Aslterberg has shared with us many groundbreaking ideas about spirituality, healing, and how to transform ourselves into better functioning individuals. Today, ReadersMagnet takes time to revisit and review Dr. Eric Alsterberg’s ideas and his works that have left a mark on so many readers.

Eric Alsterberg: Author, Psychologist, and Metaphysician

Dr. Eric Alsterberg, Ph.D., is a licensed psychologist. He is from Michigan State, and has been he has been a practicing clinical psychologist for more than three decades. He has spent many years working with various age groups, from young kids to adults. He deals with various cases and treating their emotional problems. He also deals with patients who have substance abuse problems.

What sets Dr. Eric Alsterberg apart from other physicians is that he has successfully blended metaphysical and spiritual in his psychological approaches with his patients for many years. Dr. Eric Alsterberg performs clinical hypnosis with several clients. These include past memory regression or “vision hypnosis” as Dr. Alsterberg likes to call it. According to him, vision hypnosis enables his patients to communicate with dead relatives, angels, spirit guides, archangels, or Ascended Master.

As a metaphysical explorer, Dr. Eric Alsterberg hosts several healing circles twice a month. They focus on how to better humanity and aid Mother Earth move toward ascension. Aside from being a physician, Dr. Eric Alsterberg is also a teacher. Alsterberg is a certified teacher at the Rocky Mountain Mystery School. Dr. Alsterberg spends a great deal of time mentoring interested students on spiritual teaching and metaphysics. He is an active member of the Association for Research and Enlightenment (the Edgar Cayce Foundation) and the Reconnection, Eric Pearl healing technologies. He also attends the Astara Mystery School and practices Reconnective Healing I/II.

Published Works by Dr. Eric Alsterberg (1999)

Life Is an Adventure: A Guide to the Path of Joy

Life Is an Adventure: A Guide to the Path of Joy is a guidebook by Dr. Eric Alsterberg more than twenty years ago. In this book, Alsterberg shares his insights about life being an adventure instead of a destination. He explains that “Ultimately, I have written this book to share how the path of joy can be manifested in our lives so that we can create our lives as masterpieces of joy.” Life is An Adventure covers many aspects and topics for discussion, combining equal parts of psychology, philosophy, metaphysics, and spirituality. Through these discussions and approaches, Dr. Alsterberg guides the readers on the means to return to their true selves and re-examine the basic truths and enter that path of joy.

Healing and Transformation: Moving from the Ordinary to the Extraordinary (2009)

Healing and Transformation: Moving from the Ordinary to the Extraordinary is perhaps Dr. Eric Alsterberg’s most relevant work to date. It is a spiritual book published in 2009. In his second book, Dr. Eric Alsterberg talks about the art and process of spiritual healing. He combines psychology and spirituality to guide readers on their way to spiritual healing and self-improvement. Alsterberg emphasizes the importance of taking control of our ego, acknowledging our past wounds, learning to let go of our pain and traumas. In order to genuinely heal and transform, we must learn to forgive unconditionally and let go of prejudice. According to Dr. Alsterberg, we are all spiritual beings with human experiences. We all must learn to balance our spirituality with our physical encounters. In Healing and Transformation, Dr. Eric Alsterberg uses anecdotes, stories, and other references to impart lessons on healing and nourishing the spirit. 

Dr. Eric Alsterberg performs counseling and evaluations for our elders in nursing homes and treats clients at an outpatient clinic focusing on various clinical issues. When not busy with providing custody and parenting time evaluations and interventions for a local court, Dr. Eric Alsterbergs participates in book fairs and interacts with fans and those interested in his works. 

To know more about Dr. Eric Alsterberg, grab a copy of his books or check out his author website.