ReadersMagnet Review features a romantic historical novel by Rick Vasquez, Dream, Sweet Dreams of You.

When it comes to romance novels, Latino authors and writers always produce some of the most remarkable and compelling narratives. From Isabel Allende’s Of Love and Shadows, House of Spirits, and Eva Luna to Gabriel García Márquez’s Love in the Time of Cholera and Of Love and Other Demons, Latino authors have never failed to mesmerize us with their passionate storytelling and rich cultural and historical backdrop. Today, ReadersMagnet Review will take a close look at a recently published romantic novel featuring the Latino community in Los Angeles.

Dream, Sweet Dreams of You: A Love Story

Dream, Sweet Dreams of You is a 2018 romantic historical drama by Rick Vasquez and Leslie Joy Vasquez, both published authors. The novel is based on a true story and follows the central characters drawn to each other and the journey that reminds us that love conquers all.

The story is set during the early 1900s when immigrants from Mexico were pouring into California to find a better life and escape the harsh dictatorship of President Dias. It was a turbulent and unsettling period for the Latino community in Los Angeles. These immigrants were desperate to get to the United States, and many of them settled in Sonora Town, a small area in Los Angeles. Together with La Placita, the central heart of Los Angeles, Sonora Town was left behind and abandoned by the new city government at that time. It is here that the love story between Juan and Rafella Mendoza was born.

Rafella is the daughter of one of the largest cattle ranchers in California, while Juan is a true-hearted boy with a passion for music and fame. The two fell in love in front of the old church in La Placita. Rafella gave up all rights to her family’s name so that she could be with Juan. However, their marriage was not a walk in the park as Juan found himself selling his soul to pursue his dreams, and often their marriage suffered social indignities. But despite the social injustices and the odds, the two lovers managed to keep their resolve. Juan and Rafella kept their love alive and eventually journeyed toward redemption, forgiveness, and acceptance.

The story of Rafella and Juan is the story of Rick Vasquez’s grandmother. In 1978, 25-year-old Rick returned from East Coast to reunite with his parents in Van Nuys, California, and rethink his life. During that time, Rafella lived with Rick’s parents, and he got the chance to know more about her grandmother. One night after a family dinner that featured Rick’s father talking about his (Juan) father’s accomplishments, Rafella asked his grandson Rick to write her life story. What started as a casual narration turned into days and nights of tears and hugs. For Rick, the two years that he wrote and compiled Rafella’s narrative took him on a journey back in time. The experience was one of the most enlightening moments for him. He got to know more about his amazing grandmother and the wonderful love story that happened many years ago. Dream, Sweet Dreams of You by Vasquez is truly a love story you would want to read.

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About Rick Vasquez

Rick Vasquez is a Latino author, artist, musician, and movie producer. He has published three major works. Rick Vasquez is a devout family man who keeps a strong faith and love of God. He is also proud of his heritage and the sacrifices that the Latino community has made to better each new generation. Rick Vasquez is also a proud father and grandfather. He dedicates his author website to his grandchildren and their children so that someday they may know who he is and the achievements he has made in the field of art, music, literature, and life in general.