Eleanor Gaccetta is the author of the One Caregiver’s Journey, an inspiring book about taking care of elderly family members.

Caring for the sick and elderly requires passion. It takes courage and sacrifices to drop your personal goals and chose to spend your time and energy, even for a member of the family. Eleanor Gaccetta is a career woman. However, when her mother fell ill, she decided to dedicate her time to taking care of her mother. Her book, One Caregiver’s Journey is a heart-warming story of how Eleanor Gaccetta spent more nine and a half years taking care of her mother. It is an inspirational read for those who are taking care of elderly family members. Let us get to know more about Eleanor Gaccetta and her published work, One Caregiver’s Journey.

Eleanor Gaccetta

Eleanor Gaccetta is a Colorado native. She grew up in a small farming community outside Denver City. After graduating from high school, Gaccetta worked for the State of Colorado, where she served for 31 years. Gaccetta spent the last seven of those thirty-one years serving as a legislative analyst for the Department of Human Services, and Colorado’s Medicaid program. Gaccetta also went on to serve seven years as a policy analyst for the City and County of Broomfield. Finally, she returned to the State of Colorado and worked as a private contractor. Despite those many years of professional service, Eleanor Gaccetta never forgot her education. She pursued to obtain both a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree from Regis University during the early years of her career. Her remarkable employment history is a testament to her dedication and passion for public service.

However, after almost 40 years of an outstanding career as a public servant, Eleanor Gaccetta decided to retire and embark on a new journey. Gaccetta became a full-time caregiver to her mom who suffered a broken hip after a fall. Her mother was 93 years old when it happened. For almost a decade, Eleanor Gaccetta performed her duties as a caregiver and a daughter to her mom until the latter’s death at the age of 102.

The book One Caregiver’s Journey chronicles all of Eleanor Gaccetta’s experience as a caregiver caring for a sick elderly.

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One Caregiver’s Journey by Eleanor Gaccetta

One Caregiver’s Journey by Eleanor Gaccetta does an exceptional job of highlighting virtually every aspect of being a caregiver, delivering everything within its pages with wit, empathy, and an immeasurable amount of compassion.”-Asher Sayed (excerpt from a review)

Eleanor Gaccetta published One Caregiver’s Journey in 2019. One Caregiver’s Journey is a memoir that chronicles nearly a decade of her experience as a caregiver to her elderly mom until her mother’s death at age 102. Gaccetta’s mother fell and broke her hip when she was 93 years old. Since then, Gaccetta retired from her career as a professional employee and took on the responsibility of being a full-time caregiver.

Eleanor Gaccetta took on a new journey and several months later would take on another one, one that would produce an inspiring book for all those taking care of elderly family members. Several months after the accident, Gaccetta’s mother would suffer a stroke. This became a turning point for Eleanor. She started writing journals, documenting her days with her mom as well as the new challenges she encountered. These journal entries would later become the book One Caregiver’s Journey.

“At some point in their journey, every caregiver will ask themselves, “When did I go from being an adult child to the parent?” For some the transition is lightning fast due to illness or an accident. For others, it is a long process that evolves with age and age-related health issues.”– Excerpt from One Caregiver’s Journey

One Caregiver’s Journey is not based on a medical worker’s perspective, but it is filled with valuable lessons and advice which can be useful with caring for the sick and the elderly. Gaccetta takes her readers to the many obstacles and lessons that she personally and these challenges transformed her into a stronger person

More than a journal of her experience as a caregiver, the book captures the heartwarming story of a daughter taking care of her mom during her twilight years. Eleanor Gaccetta’s focus and courage is something all professional caregivers can aspire to. One Caregiver’s Journey is a story of faith, perseverance, family, and love.

Be inspired by Eleanor Gaccetta’s story, grab a copy of One Caregiver’s Journey today!