Works such as Neil C. Griffen’s From Science to Spirituality offers a new path of exploration.

Now more than ever, we are seeing a healthy interaction between science and religion. Compared to several hundred years ago were attacks and accusations from both parties destroyed thousands of lives and placed society in an uneasy juncture of human history, today both science and religion have toned down. In fact, the past decades saw a more inclusive Catholic religion, one that recognizes the scientific milestones, new discoveries, and the progress contributed by science from all its branches of study. Science on the other hand has learned to treat spiritual guidance, divine intervention, and religious teachings as guides to forging a more humane and decent society. Modern scientists even tap spirituality and religious philosophy as a means to understand and learn more about our world and its prime inhabitants. One notable work is that of Neil C. Griffen, From Science to Spirituality. His book on a new path to exploration invites us to take a close look at science and spirituality as complimenting forces in creating more complete and knowledgeable humanity.

Science and Religion: Forging A Better Relationship

Science and religion’s more inclusive and tolerant treatment of each other can be evidence by the project they have undertaken these past decades. Common causes like preservation of history, economic progress, and the fight against common adversities like poverty, war, and climate change are just some of the prominent fields where science and religious institutions meet and work diligently hand in hand with one another.

“Our doors are open to all, which means that many in our network’s congregations are hearing about the climate for the first time. And those who have heard may relegate climate change to an economic, scientific, or political issue and not consider it a concern for the faith community.

However, in our pews, our audiences hear about climate change as a social justice issue, as a moral and spiritual issue. Human-induced climate change threatens what God created and made sacred by calling it “good.” These ideas are new and are beginning to change some hearts and minds.” –Rev. Sally G. Bingham, Faith and Science Working Together on Climate Change  

This is just one proof that despite differences in certain areas, no longer can religion ignore the scientific realities nor can the science community be arrogant not to recognize religion’s massive influence that can help educate people on taking concrete and timely actions to save the planet.

Of course, there are some branches of science where a relationship with the Catholic Church may prove a bit challenging. Spirituality and science are not the best of buddies so to speak, and yet today we are also seeing the collective effort to understand and finally answer some of humanity’s deepest and perhaps most important questions.

Continuing Search for the Truth and Life’s Meaning

The issue of evolution, the origin of life, and how the universe works have often haunted us for thousands of years. The scientist of ancient times gazed at the stars for proof while the faithful look at the heavens for signs. Despite this, it has created an animosity so great that each threatened to annihilate each other. And the war raged on for centuries. But today, we are beginning to witness science and spirituality working together to seek universal truths, seeing wisdom from each other, appreciating the values and philosophies of each other to create better human conditions and a more decent society. While the quest for answering some of life’s questions can still be elusive, science and religion are working today to create a meaningful existence for the human race. Going back to the book From Science to Spirituality, we see how one man’s passion to learn the truth and meaning of one’s life have taken him on a journey of spiritual awakening, where he got lost and turned to science, only for science to lead him back to a more meaningful spiritual journey and renewed faith in God. In a way, many of us find their life’s purpose through this same arduous and yet fulfilling journey. We can only hope that all of us can find what we are truly seeking.

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