No legitimate business online is without a Facebook Page. For self-published authors, having a Facebook Business Page is actually a must-have in order to increase online visibility and establish one’s reputation online.

The Facebook Page is one of the popular pages in any industry. In these modern times, most businesses have at least a Facebook Page. For authors, especially self-published ones, social media, in general, helps them level the playing field for marketing their books. Facebook being one of the leading social media platforms plays a vital role.

What is a Facebook Business Page?

According to,

“A Facebook Business Page is a free opportunity for businesses to increase brand awareness and generate sales on Facebook.”           

Simply put, being on Facebook allows you to promote your book, your brand, and other literary materials as well as update your target on updates related to your book such as milestones, scheduled events, and other activities. The Facebook Business Page also enables you to improve your customer service and finally, get the proper recognition for you and your brand.

While managing Facebook for business can be a bit difficult because of its rules and constant changes in algorithms, it remains one of the best platforms for targeting your target audience.

Benefits of a Facebook Business Page for Authors

Communicate with your audience.
Whether it’s reaching out to new contacts or responding to queries, communicating with your audience using the Facebook Messenger on your business page is very useful. The messenger feature offers faster communication, file transfer, and creating group conversations.

Determine Analytics and Authority. Facebook Insight shows data on actions taken, page views, reach, post engagements among others. In short, it is a pretty comprehensive analytics tool. If you are a self-published author, this tool will assist you in determining how your book marketing is doing at least as far as social media advertising is a concern. This information will help you take the next course of action.

Use to organize your schedule post. Another useful feature is the Facebook Publishing Tool. It allows you to schedule your posts, create videos, advertise your book, promote an event, and write blogs.

A way to build a personal connection. Facebook is a great tool to get to know your contacts up close and personal. By visiting their timeline and interacting with them online, you get to established rapport and at the same time know more about their interests and other activities.

Venue to start contests and promos. A Business Page is a good venue to increase organic traffic on your account. One way to effectively do this is by organizing contests and offering giveaways. The crucial step is to know the governing laws of Facebook regarding social media contests and sweepstakes.

A major social media advertising hub. Facebook is one of the leading social media platforms. It has the ability to gather a lot of people in just a short span of time. That is why it is an effective tool for creating and advertising events.

A platform for sharing fresh content. One aspect of Facebook that is often overlooked is the Note feature. It can be used to publish short blogs or relevant content. Of course, this is apart from the syndication or sharing links on Facebook.

Create forums and group discussions. Facebook gives its users opportunities to chat in groups and even create groups among selected contacts. This is a great way to create forums and discuss one featured topic at a time. You can also create a poll by going to Page Manager and hitting the Create a poll icon.

ReadersMagnet Facebook Business Page

ReadersMagnet strongly believes in the power of social media. That is the reason why ReadersMagnet on Facebook is optimized to cater to our visitors’ wonderful user experience. You can find in our Business Page links to our articles published by our main domain as well as satellite websites. These blog articles are fresh and original. We also make sure that our contacts and visitors are updated with the latest book events and other developments in terms of publishing and marketing.

ReadersMagnet Facebook Page also gives a constant update of our calendar of activities such as book fairs, book signing events, radio interviews, and many others.

ReadersMagnet is also an active participant of the Authors Community where we joined with other authors.

Overall, ReadersMagnet Facebook Page is actively providing a venue for us to further serve our authors and visitors as part of its commitment to being an effective publishing partner online.